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Ad-maven review

The AdMaven ad network has been helping to purchase and sell traffic since 2013. One of the main advantages of the project is that the platform is international.

AdMaven brings together webmasters and advertisers from 200 countries. The daily traffic generated by the platform through a network of partner sites is 2.5 billion impressions per day.

AdMaven stands out among other similar companies with an innovative approach to the advertising business.

The platform is regularly improved and updated with new useful tools. For example, recently AdMaven has an interesting feature – the ability to advertise through “Push notifications”. This is a new communication channel with users that can increase the CTR by 4 times.

And in one of the previous updates, AdMaven partners were pleased with the unique technology of bypassing ad blockers, which increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign by 20%.

Also, programmers and designers of the company regularly update the site taking into account customer wishes. The design is becoming more beautiful and modern, and the user interface is more convenient. Yes, this does not directly affect the money of webmasters and advertisers, but working every day in a graphically pleasant personal account is much more pleasant.

AdMaven Benefits for Advertisers

The founders of AdMaven highlight the 6 main advantages of their platform for advertisers:

  • Powerful traffic base – 2.5 billion impressions per day.
  • Simple integration system.
  • Built-in recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Expert technical support.
  • 90% of the traffic is sent directly from partner sites.
  • Effective brand protection tools.

The system works simply. You replenish the advertiser’s deposit in your account on the AdMaven platform. The minimum deposit is $ 25. Next, select the target settings and the appropriate payment model:

– CPA – pay per action;
– CPI – payment for installation (application);
– CPL – payment for lead (visitor’s contacts);
– CPS – payment for the sale;
– CPM – payment per impression from $ 0.2 to $ 3.4;
– CPC – pay per click.

After that, define keywords and activate tracking systems.

Ad Formats:

AdMaven has a large selection of ad formats that you can use in your ad campaigns:

– push notification
– Full Screen Ads
– Direct link
– Lightbox
– In-between ads
– Banner

AdMaven Partner Benefits

If you have one or more sites with high traffic, you can successfully sell your traffic using AdMaven. It is enough to register, add existing Internet sites to the platform database and install an affiliate code on them.

5 highlights of this webmaster platform:

  • High commission for traffic.
  • Detailed accuracy of the selection of the target audience for a specific site, because of which traffic is monetized better and faster.
  • Reaching a wide audience through direct cooperation with 10,000 advertisers.
  • Multiformat cooperation.
  • Simplicity and stability of earnings due to 10 years of experience in the advertising business.

Partner interest is paid once a month.

We strongly recommend that webmasters and advertisers try AdMaven and test for themselves all the benefits of this platform.

Top up balance and payouts

Ad-Maven.com financial data is in US dollars.

You can deposit funds to the advertiser’s account in the following ways:
– PayPal, bank cards (minimum amount $ 200);
– Payoneer, Wire (minimum $ 500).

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