Overview and reviews of the Plisio cryptocurrency payment gateway.


Plisio cryptocurrency wallet reviewIn the modern realities of investing, users are always in search of a convenient payment instrument, with which you can not only store coins in your wallet, but also use it as a payment service. In this article, we just suggest that you familiarize yourself with the new Plisio payment gateway for paying bills in cryptocurrency. In the review, we will point out the main features of the platform, tell how to use it, and also reveal all the relevant advantages when working with the site, we recommend that you familiarize yourself.

First of all, we denote that Plisio service It is a payment gateway for receiving various cryptocurrencies and sending mass payments. Using the API, you can set up payment of digital currencies as a payment in a mobile application or on your website, which will allow you to improve the quality of customer service and satisfy their needs. At the moment, we are allowed to use 5 popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash), but work on increasing the number of coins is ongoing and in the near future we will have a real multi-currency wallet for businesses with many cryptocurrency assets.

Features and advantages of Plisio:
– the presence in one place of a large number of cryptocurrency wallets;
– lack of service fees for personal use and the lowest commission for using the API – 0.5%;
– all payment transactions are carried out directly to the wallet and are sent instantly;
– the ability to track all transactions in the account history with convenient filtering;
– provide ready-made plugins and CMS-integration for setting up your own store: OpenCart, WHMCS;
– Help set up and start processing ICO payments;
– Plisio wallet mobile applications for Android and iOS devices;
– mass payments and automated payment acceptance;
– anonymity, transparency and high security;
– fast and qualified support service;
– individual solutions and favorable conditions for your projects.

Plisio Security:
One of the key parameters when choosing a wallet is its anonymity and security. In this regard, the Plisio cryptocurrency payment gateway meets the highest requirements, taking the necessary measures to protect your funds. The service works through an encrypted SSL connection using the HTTPS protocol, and in the near future, after a full verification of the documentation, a green bar will appear next to the site’s domain name (Green Bar), which means high reliability and advanced verification (EV). Additional protection for user accounts is provided by two-factor authentication, which is easily connected in the settings through the Google Authenticator application on the phone to minimize any chances for attackers who have taken possession of your registration data. Also in the future it will be possible to use one-time passwords valid for one session and payment passwords to confirm payment transactions.

Commissions on the Plisio service:
The service does not charge any commission for using the wallet; when transferring a payment, you will pay only the blockchain commission. Of course, nothing is removed from the recipient, the commission is taken from the sender. In this case, the use of the gateway is absolutely free. Consumers are charged the lowest commission on the market for using the API, which is only 0.5% of the amount. Minimum you can send with the payment gateway 0.0001 BTC, 0.01 LTC or 100 DOGE.

Registration of a payment gateway and internal interface:
Registration on the Plisio website is as simple as possible. You click on the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner and fill out the form, indicating in it your email address and password. After that, you will receive a letter in the mail where you need to confirm your account by clicking the "Confirm e-mail" button. After entering the authorization data, you find yourself in a convenient personal account, where all your cryptocurrencies, current exchange rates in dollars and balances on wallets are displayed. To send or receive funds, you need to click on the line with the currency with which you will work, and select the appropriate operations “Add funds” and “Withdraw”. The interface itself is clear and easy to use, made in bright colors, it is well displayed on any device thanks to the correct adaptive layout. Functionality allows any user to be interested, in addition, over time, developers guarantee the introduction of new chips and updates for high-quality work with the service.

This concludes our article, we believe that Plisio will be a sought after wallet after a while. The founders guarantee complete anonymity and security of user translations, personal data is not collected, they are not interested in the scope of clients' activities, therefore account locks are excluded during operation. Information came from the first persons that soon an exchanger will appear on the site, which can be used both inside the account and even without registration. A lot of new updates and the implementation of fresh ideas are expected, and soon a roadmap will be published in public access, where you yourself can familiarize yourself with the further stages of the development of the platform.

Despite the fact that there are not so few cryptocurrency payment services on the network, Plisio may well become popular and take its competitive place in the market due to good functionality, high-quality work and great ambitions of developers. We recommend that you try its features, and for owners of large projects there are favorable conditions and original solutions. It is still too early to use it as a wallet, and currencies are still limited in quantity, but the service is young, and, accordingly, there will be more coins in it over time. For fast transfers with minimal commission and mass processing of payments, the Plisio payment gateway will work, we recommend using it.

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