Over $ 13 billion raised in ICO in five months of 2018


3-13-600x337 Over the five months of 2018, more than $ 13 billion was raised at the ICO

Despite the large number of ICO projects that turned out to be scams or unprofitable enterprises that have not yet achieved their intended goals, fees for ICOs continue to grow.

The fact is that the authorities of many countries began to regulate the position of the ICO and the procedure for their implementation. The legal regulation of the ICO led to the fact that large venture investors paid attention to them and large amounts of money came to the ICO.

So only in the first 5 months In 2018, 537 startups managed to raise a total of $ 13.7 billion dollars. The largest ICOs are Telegram and EOS, which managed to raise $ 1.7 and $ 4.1 dollars respectively.

Last year, at the peak of its popularity, ICO 552 projects raised a total of $ 7 billion dollars.

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