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Overview, a brief description of OOOBTC

OOOBTC – a large market for digital assets, manage a large global exchange of digital assets, today, now and always, get the opportunity to quickly start using all the advantages of advanced technologies. The platform is based on reliable and accurate technology, the terminal provides high-quality and reliable services, the guarantee of which is that you can confidently start trading and trading with any currency pair without any unnecessary worries. The platform is provided with high security, various careful measures have been taken: cold storage systems, a guarantee of the protection of your fund — your personal data and your account information are encrypted with encryption technology, two-factor authentication. Available markets: BTC, USDT, ETH. Available languages: English, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese Simplified. We can summarize and conclude that this platform can be a good alternative to similar cryptocurrency markets and exchanges that provide similar or similar services, in no way inferior in quality of service.

About who OOOBTC belongs to and in which country it is registered is not even mentioned on the exchange website. At the same time, the platform provides quite interesting tools for trading. We will review it later. In the meantime, the main thing you need to know about this exchange:

  • It was founded recently – there is no exact information about this.
  • The interface is available in five languages ​​- English, Chinese, Japanese and others.
  • Does not support fiat transactions.
  • Charges a commission only for cryptocurrency exchange operations – 0.25% of the transaction amount.
  • Supports 14 cryptocurrencies.

Most of the crypts presented are “exotic”. The most recognizable of them are ether and BTC. Moreover, the displayed value of all coins is tied to Bitcoin by default.

  • For each of the currencies, the exchange provides internal wallets.
  • User coins are stored in cold storage.
  • Data is securely encrypted.
  • Two-factor authentication based on Google Authenticator is available.
  • Accepts traders from all countries.
  • Provides modern functionality for buying coins.

Now we turn to the review of the internal contents of OOOBTC.

Registration in OOOBTC

Registration in OOOBTC is carried out according to the standard scheme: specify the mailbox, password and enter the captcha value.
Then an email with a link for email validation arrives at the specified email.

You can work on the exchange without a deep profile check. In this case, the limit on withdrawing funds from OOOBTC internal wallets is 0.4 BTC per day. If you provide the site’s specialists with scans of documents, then after their verification you can withdraw up to 100 bitcoins per day. But for this, two-factor authentication must be activated.

I gathered this information from foreign sources. The exchange website does not say anything about these limits. And there were no forms for downloading scans of documents in the user account. Most likely, in order to pass verification, you need to contact OOOBTC support.

The highlight of the OOOBTC trading terminal is an interactive chart with support for the main indicators. Additionally, you can set its style and theme.

The exchange supports only the market type of orders. In addition, there is no margin trading. Which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the gameplay.

Advantages of OOOBTC:

  • Support for exotic crypts.
  • Provides internal wallets for them.
  • Provides secure storage of user data and their facilities.
  • A trading terminal with a customizable interactive chart and indicators.


  • The origin of the exchange remains a mystery.
  • The legality of OOOBTC is in question.
  • Small volumes of capitalization can cause high exchange rate volatility.
  • Lack of margin trading.
  • There are no reviews on OOOBTC.

By all indications, we are dealing with a recently launched exchange. And you should go here only to purchase exotic crypts!

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