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VirtualMining.Farm – cloud mining

Mining as a phenomenon is very popular among traders and other participants in the cryptocurrency market.

Naturally, once it all started with bitcoins, but over time it became possible to mine other altcoins.

Actually, the production process consists in connecting computer capacities – a processor, video cards and other spare parts of the system unit.

However, over time, it turned out that it was beneficial not only to mine through your facilities, but also to rent them.

So cloud mining was born, against which services began to be created that provide users with such opportunities. Today I would like to talk about one of them.

The site offers the following conditions

  • Payment in fiat funds is not charged;
  • If you specify incorrect financial plan data, for example, an erroneous wallet address, you lose your savings and earnings;
  • You are responsible for incomplete translation;
  • You must save the data entered during registration;
    The company does not guarantee account protection if two-factor authentication is not configured;
  • All your profit depends on the work of the blockchain, the company can not pay and guarantee anything;
  • Any technical support calls are considered within 7 days;
  • The company does not guarantee a refund in the event of a failed mining.

There is also another interesting addition – all disputes will be considered in accordance with the laws of the Virgin Islands.

Is it possible to invest in VirtualMining.Farm

Let’s see if you can trust a company at all

  • Registration date is 2017. This is not in favor of the cloud service. No experience, no accumulated base and other factors.
  • Total capacity – data not disclosed.
  • How many users the company served – data not disclosed.
  • Photos and video materials directly from data centers – also not.

Almost nothing is known about the project team, as well as about himself. All that is clear is that the company positions itself as a service for supplying cloud capacities, but the conditions are not disclosed.


In conclusion, we can say that this is a ‘dark horse’, but the anonymity, registration in the offshore zone, and the lack of intelligible information on the site clearly do not favor the resource.


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