Nuvoo mining – cloud mining review


Nuvoo Mining – Cloud Mining Service

Nuvoo Mining cloud mining service is one of the best cryptocurrency cloud investment projects. The company offers profitable cooperation for beginner miners with a minimum investment, as well as a stable increase in income for large investors.

The main features of the service

Since 2016, the company has been operating in Canada, in the province of Quebec. Such an arrangement is maximally advantageous, since the low cost of electricity and optimal climatic conditions allow saving user investments on the costs of ensuring production and cooling. In addition to the service for cloud mining, Nuvoo offers several alternatives for cooperation, including the possibility of renting a mining farm developed by involved experts.

The cooperation system and the algorithm of the company’s farms have been developed by experts in the cryptocurrency market, the main deviation in development is made on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of production. Energy consumption of 1 GH / s is only $ 0,00021. The farm operates on the latest equipment, a demonstration of which can always be viewed online on the official website.
All accruals in the system are carried out in bitcoins, alternative currencies are also mined – Litecoin and Ethereum, which are automatically converted by the system into the equivalent of BTC.

Officially, the site is available in several languages, Russian is one of them.

System participants can count on round-the-clock online support, a profitable affiliate program, discounts and bonuses.

 How to get started with Nuvoo Mining

Registration in the system involves the verification of the user by confirming the email address. But the form provided by this service is much more complicated than that of competitors (many fields to fill out).
It’s easier to use registration through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), but this option will not free you from manually entering information.

After verification, all the functions of your personal account will be available, including the purchase of a contract to start cooperation. Currently, you can pay by credit cards, bitcoins or bank transfer if the transaction amount exceeds $ 1000. The system retains the right of users to choose a bitcoin wallet, so the withdrawal is available in any existing system.

Withdrawals from the system are available monthly, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0015 BTC.

Tariffs and prices

Nuvoo Mining – cloud mining service
The marketing company Nuvoo Mining has developed tariff plans for both large investors and beginner miners with minimal investment. There are 8 tariff plans in the system:

  • STARTER: contract value – $ 75.67; Leased capacity – 621.95 CH / s.
  • BRONZE: contract value – $ 225; Leased capacity – 1865.87 CH / s.
  • SILVER: contract value – 450 $; Leased capacity – 3731.76 CH / s.
  • GOLD: contract value – 900 $; Leased capacity – 7463.53 CH / s.
  • PLATINUM: contract value – $ 2700; Leased capacity – 22390.60 CH / s.
  • EMERALD: contract value – 5400 $; Leased capacity – 44781.21 CH / s.
  • DIAMOND: contract value – $ 9,000; Leased capacity – 74635.43 CH / s.
  • ROYAL: contract value – $ 180,000; Leased capacity – 149,270.88 CH / s.

All contracts offered by the service have an unlimited term, that is, production continues until the contract revenue can cover production costs. After the profitability has gone to zero, 21 days are provided, in case bitcoin mining is simplified or its exchange rate against the dollar increases, if this does not happen, then after the expiration of the contract will be automatically closed by the system.

 Profitability and Payback

The company’s website does not have a predicted contract return calculator. Nuvoo works exclusively on perpetual contracts and it is difficult to predict the income for the period. The duration of the contract depends on the rate of bitcoin to the dollar, due to the difficulty of production and energy consumption. The first two points are completely independent of the company’s actions, but production optimization is constantly being modernized. In particular, Nuvoo is constantly resorting to alternative environmentally friendly energy sources.
Estimated yield can be calculated by the amount of leased capacity using an external calculator. So buying a minimum tariff will bring about $ 87 per year, and the largest – $ 20,000.

Advantages and disadvantages of the service

Cooperation on a perpetual contract can be simultaneously called both a plus and minus of cloud mining on the server. In the future, its conclusion will bring much more profit than the option with a validity period. However, the contract is not fixed and may expire for reasons independent of the company.

Benefits of NuVoo Mining

The system also offers solutions for experts and large-scale entrepreneurs to expand a single farm to a multilevel.

The company began operations in 2017. To ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, constant access to electricity and cooling is required.

Electricity is generated from an environmentally friendly hydroelectric power station located near the facility. Thus, the server offers favorable prices for electricity anywhere in the world. The HVAC cooling system was specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining equipment, it is very economical and environmentally friendly.

Clients have access to round-the-clock webcams and can monitor the operation of equipment at any time. This demonstrates the integrity of the company and ensures the trust of customers.

There are no electricity charges or service charges. All contracts are open. This means users can mine cryptocurrency with this company as long as their plan remains profitable. When it ceases to generate revenue, NuVoo Mining will close it.

Disadvantages of NuVoo Mining

Among the shortcomings are the lack of an online wallet for customers, although there are plenty of them in the public domain. Also, the service offers not so many currencies for mining – Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The site design leaves much to be desired, the site logo takes up too much space, the navigation menu is not very convenient.


From all of the above, we can conclude that Nuvoo Mining is a promising company for a long and reliable investment in cryptocurrencies. The team consists of professionals, and the company itself is confidently heading for the maximum reduction in energy consumption during mining. A perpetual contract, although it reduces the payback for a short period, but in the future it can bring a stable income to the owner without additional investments, subject to the stability of the bitcoin exchange rate. In addition, cloud mining with the mining of altcoins and their automatic conversion to bitcoin carries the prospect of an easier way to mine it.

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