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() Review is an affiliate network that offers webmasters money on their mobile applications and websites. The project was launched in 2017. Rewards are accrued per click or subscription.

The Polish affiliate network offers advertisers to place ads on platforms optimized for mobile devices, and applications on Android, iOS. Work with browsers Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari is supported.
A pop-up window appears on the webmaster’s site asking you to subscribe to notifications. If the user goes to another site or uses the messenger, he will still be shown an advertising notice. The notification widget is bound to the browser and client IP address.

Advantages for site owners: the user can visit your site only once and leave it, you will receive commissions from each subscription or click throughout the entire period of cooperation with the affiliate network. A large number of advertising materials on the site annoys users and makes them leave the site faster. You can completely remove annoying ads from the page of your project, replacing it with pop-up windows with a subscription offer. Search aggregators and antivirus programs are loyal to this method of attraction. The user has a choice: to subscribe or refuse to receive the message in the future.

Cons: if the user changes the browser or mobile device, he will cease to generate income.

Advantages for the advertiser: payment is taken for the target action: click or revsharu. It is possible to target by operator, time of activity, city, type of device: mobile phone, tablet.

The partner cannot choose which advertisement to show visitors. Basically, potential customers are invited to install a mobile application, visit a store on the occasion of a sale, purchase various goods and services.


The webmaster is invited to independently choose the frequency of payments: weekly, once a month, on request. The withdrawal is carried out to the WebMoney electronic wallet in the dolarch or in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
How to start a collaboration with Notify Network
The affiliate network offers to create a personal account of the site owner or advertiser. Fill in the fields on the registration form to create a new account.

Select the ‘Platforms’ tab from the menu, click the ‘Kreate’ button. Add your traffic source or a link to a mobile application in the online store. You can specify several sources. Copy the proposed code to the pages of your site, integrate it into the program. To track a subscribed user, go to the ‘Transactions’ section. An income notice and other important information is displayed in the “Push” section.

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