NNC Systems – Successful NNC Token Audit


The NNC Systems project administration reports that the NNC token contract has successfully passed an independent audit.

The auditors made several recommendations that will be taken into account by the project team during the development of the security protocol for further work.

A detailed audit report will be published later.

Currently, the NNC token contract has been successfully published on the Ethereum network under the name NNCT.

Anyone has the opportunity to conduct their own independent audit of the open source contract.

Now the project team is working on the integration of the NNCT cryptocurrency token into the work of the financial department of the project.

What does this mean for ordinary users?

a] The NNC Token from now on has ceased to be exclusively the internal currency of the NNC Project. In the near future, all users of the project will have the opportunity to withdraw their NNC tokens from the internal balance of the NNC Project to any cryptocurrency wallet supporting work with tokens of the ERC20 or ERC777 standards, Ethereum network.

For example, you can use the wallets from this article.

b] The project team will begin active work on promoting the NNCT token. Negotiations with cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange offices will enter the active phase.

c] Soon your attention will be given iBelieve Group's unique development is TrustedMining technology.

This decentralized solution will allow you to multiply the NNCT tokens located on your cryptocurrency wallet.

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