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Activities of NNC.Systems

The project offers to earn money without investment, and this is not only a referral system, but also other ways. According to reviews of NNC.Systems, the site provides an opportunity for almost everyone to earn income, actively participating in the future development of the new ecosystem. The project belongs to the large corporation iBelieve Group, has all the necessary documentation and even more than that – it offers to conclude a formal contract (optional). That is, by signing an agreement with NNC.Systems and fulfilling all the conditions, we can get a good profit.

The idea will be interesting to those who prefer to deal with cryptocurrency, but also have the opportunity to work with fiat payment systems. In fact, this is a successful symbiosis of operations with digital assets and a trained neural network.

If you still don’t know the concept of “neural network”, the official site of the NSC System will talk about this in great detail. In general, the developers made sure that their users did not stumble at every step, feel comfortable on the site and understand the first time what to do and how to make a profit. By the way, you can earn money with investments, but this is not the kind of investment method we are used to, but a slightly different technology.

Our review: NNS systems – a unique project that really makes it possible to earn. Yes, it is worth evaluating and not forgetting the risks, but the site seems stable and reliable.

The full name of the site, according to the documentation, sounds like NNC RESEARCH PROJECT LTD. It positions itself as a public research project, the action of which is aimed at developing, developing and supporting its own neural network. For this we need two significant points – information and the human factor. NNC.Systems is a member of the iBelieve Group ecosystem, a company registered in the UK.

According to information from the site, it was created by very serious professionals – real whales of the cryptocurrency world. Started 10/16/2019 in limited mode. The main incentive for their brainchild, experts took Rothschild’s famous phrase: ‘Whoever owns the information, owns the world.’ But such a statement takes on a slightly different meaning in modern conditions of the development of the World Wide Web.

Now every second such a stream of information falls upon us that the phrase of a famous millionaire requires a different interpretation. News, gossip, rumors, opinions, conclusions – everywhere you can get information. But at the same time a serious problem arises – how to isolate the necessary, correctly analyze everything from such a huge stream of data and draw the right conclusions?

If it is impossible to change the existing ecosystem, you need to create your own – I Believe Group. Developers came to this opinion and came up with the technical symbiosis of the trained neural network and cryptocurrency NNC.Systems. An interesting video material on how the perception of information through innovative solutions is changing is presented on the project’s official website.

How the NNC.Systems algorithm works

  • Users can exchange their opinions on a particular information occasion. Then they give an assessment on a special scale.
  • Any of the participants has the right to evaluate specific information or create their own reason for analysis by other users.
  • The total score of the majority is taken into account.
  • Systems determines the final value of the news item, its impact on a particular financial instrument.
  • Thus, all users will be directly involved in the training of the neural network and the formation of its algorithms.

But NNC.Systems is not just a project, it is also an independent cryptocurrency at the same time. Digital assets can be earned for feasible development assistance.

The most active participants receive tokens that can be sold directly in the system for real money or used as an investment or payment instrument.
The team announced the release of 100 million tokens based on a smart contract. In the future, digital coins will be distributed among those who help in the development of the project. If additional emission is necessary, the issue is submitted for public discussion.

The principle of distribution of tokens NNC.Systems

  • Active fund – 70%;
  • Reserve fund for development – 20%;
  • In the ownership of the team – 10%.

As for the liquidity of NNC tokens, it will be supported by the activities of users and the neural network itself. This is its significant and predominant difference from other cryptocurrencies, the value of which is formed through speculative trading and an advertising campaign.

You can earn in the NNS System in several ways

  1. Participate in the debugging program of the neural network and receive tokens for it;
  2. To lease additional computing power from hosting partners to ensure the project’s work and receive a reward in tokens for each hour of equipment operation;
  3. Participate in an affiliate program;
  4. Combine all three methods at the same time;
  5. Apply for a vacancy of a regional representative.

The site from the I Believe Group ecosystem is sharpened for simplicity and ease of navigation. Nothing fanciful, screaming, superfluous. Only the necessary information and instructions for action.

The NNC.Systems support team responds quickly to feedback and requests; there are several ways to contact support. The first is to send an email request. The second is to contact the administrators or manager on the official forum of the project http://myinvest.ninja. By the way, NNS Systems has a very conscientious integration with social networks. To ask a question, you can write WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Skype in instant messengers.

Technical Features of NNC.Systems

  • The script is a unique self-written
  • Domain – TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd., 2020-07-24
  • SSL certificate – SSL COMODO +
  • DDOS secured

Fundamental features of NNC.Systems

  • Launch Date: 10/16/2019
  • Language versions of the site: English and Russian
  • Payment systems: USD, cryptocurrencies, own platform tokens – NNC and PNC
  • Currency Conversion: None

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All about earnings on NNC.Systems – an overview of all the ways

Since earnings through investments were announced on October 21, we begin with a detailed analysis of how to generate income without investments.

To begin with, we clarify that all calculations and profit accruals in NNC.Systems are conducted in our own cryptocurrency – NNC tokens, which are issued on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts. The coin rate is growing smoothly, so each user who receives a digital asset decides for himself what to do with it – sell immediately or leave it until better times.

NNC tokens can:

  • Sell directly to the project;
  • Put on the stock exchange for sale;
  • Acquire computing power for them.

So, earning without investments is the search, analysis and publication of news articles. Each activity step is accompanied by a reward, or rather:

  • News Hunting – we find in the network an article of a given subject and corresponding volume (100 characters). The news may be from the world of investment, finance, cryptocurrency. The article is checked by the administration or your upliner. Up to 5 articles can be downloaded per day. One article is paid in the amount of 0.05 NNC.
  • News Edit – check posts. After verification, the news goes to the neural network, if it is approved, the uplinker receives a reward of 0.07 PNC.
  • News Read – proofreading articles. Downloaded news needs to be studied, and then answered questions. Here we have in mind a value judgment, not an expert opinion, but it is also impossible to deviate from the topic. For all answers to one article, the participant receives 0.005 NNC. Up to 24 articles can be read per day.

According to the developers of NNC.Systems, such a modest amount of remuneration is associated with a test launch of the platform. With a serious load on the neural network and the quality work of users, the amounts will change in a big way, with the ability to receive income up to $ 200 per month without investments.

How to earn NNC token by leasing computing power

To ensure decent operation of the NNC.Systems neural network, an increase in computing power is constantly required. For this, the project concludes agreements with hosting companies that are ready to provide equipment with software.

But each user can participate in this process if he rents additional capacities from hosting partners. Remuneration is accrued for such activities. A list of certified service providers can be found in your account after registration. At the moment, the list includes only three proposals, but it will expand in the future.

Computing nodes have their own characteristics

  • Rental price – payment to the provider for services;
  • Connection time of the server to the neural network – from 1 to 72 hours, depending on the conditions of the service provider;
  • Computing power nnctime – this parameter determines how much it contributes to the operation of the neural network.

An item such as reward per hour also matters. This parameter is divided into 2 indicators:

  1. Normal – the usual size of the reward;
  2. Bonus – the amount of remuneration received in case of active participation in the debugging of a neural network.

Slots improvements, achievements and bonuses NNC.Systems

Some computing nodes have the ability to increase productivity through improvements that are available through the Achievements program. The number of improvements that can be connected to a specific computing power is strictly limited.

Achievements is the level of user activity. Each achievement has its own name and logo. So that any participant can achieve high results, the project poses new challenges for him. The following parameters are taken into account:

  • Type of achievement – direction of work;
  • Level – fulfillment of conditions;
  • Number of achievements saved;
  • Receiving valuable prizes.

Server upgrade is another bonus for project participants. It allows you to improve the characteristics of the computing node, and therefore, accordingly increase the size of the reward. Some improvements increase the lease term of a particular site and other important parameters.

The full list of upgrades and achievements is on the official website, the list consists of 41 items.

NNC.Systems Affiliate Program

Opportunities for additional earnings in the form of attracting referrals to the project are also presented. Everyone can take part in the popularization of the project and receive a reward for the activity of invited users.

There are 5 levels of the referral program with its own conditions:

  1. PL-0 – no requirements;
  2. PL-1 – presence on the balance sheet of at least 80 PNC;
  3. PL-2 – 400 PNC on the account + 25 active users;
  4. PL-3 – 1500 PNC + 75 people in the structure;
  5. PL-4 – 4000 PNC + 100 active referrals in the grid.

There are two ways to get reward for an affiliate program:

Percentage of the total purchase amount of at least one of the computing power by a referral.
Constant income from all active computing nodes of the structure.
There is a certain formula for calculating affiliate rewards in the system: PNC \u003d ((A / 100) * B) / C

How to create an account and what you can do in your personal account NNC.Systems

As usual, we begin our work with the registration procedure – a button on the first page of the site.
We agree with the rules, click ‘Registration’. We wait a couple of seconds until the check-protection from bots and multi-accounts passes, then go to your mail to confirm the address. If there is no letter from the site, look in the Spam folder! We get such a beautiful window where it is clear that the login information has been sent to us by mail and click ‘Go to office’.

Getting started earning without investment. To do this, click on the ‘Neural network’ button at the top of the page, then follow the instructions: add news, check or read.

We are waiting for verification and get coins on the balance. If you decide to buy nodes, then go to the ‘Mining Shop’ tab, select the server. To learn more about it and purchase a site:

  • Go to the partner’s website through the ‘Details’ button;
  • Register in the partner’s online store;
  • Fill out an application for the rental of computing power;
  • Click ‘Buy’, go through the standard payment procedure;
  • Income in NNC or PNC tokens will drip onto your balance in your account every hour.

Also in the Personal Account you can track the history of your balance, view the achievements and conditions for receiving bonuses, control the activity of referrals.

To use the upgrade, you need to select the achievement you want to activate. Then – the computing node, designed to improve, confirm the action.

Not all computing nodes are available for improvement; some require free slots.

If you have already started working with the project, leave your feedback about NNC.Systems, we will be glad to hear from you. Share your impressions, add screenshots so that everyone can make sure that you really get profit in a timely manner.

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