NNC Systems – Results of the action and the rules for the withdrawal of tokens


The administration of the NNC Systems project reports that from now on, rules are being introduced for the withdrawal of NNC tokens to external cryptocurrency wallets:

– Any user of the project can issue 2 applications for the withdrawal of NNC tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet within 24 hours.

– First application – 10 to 100 NNC tokens. Application processing is free.

– The second application – 10 to 5000 NNC tokens. Application processing fee: 2% of the application amount, but not less than 5 NNC and not more than 20 NNC

– The maximum processing time of the application 72 working hours.

The promotion "My NNCT" is officially completed.

The list of participants of the action with the purses, the number of withdrawn tokens and the number of “tickets” can be found here

All participants of the action have the opportunity to make their comments to this list or make complaints in a special topic on the MyInvest.Ninja forum.

In the event that no claims are received within 24 hours, a list for the draw at the webinar will be formed from this list.

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