NNC Systems – Audit and Speaker


The NNC Systems Project Administration reports the following news:

1] The NNC Project team received an official certificate of passing an independent audit of the NNCT token contract on the Ethereum network.

You can get acquainted with the certificate in the attached file or by the link on the website of the company conducting the audit.

2] The NNC Project team has its own official representative and speaker – Vitaly Shifrin.

As a team, Vitaliy will be responsible for conducting Internet conferences, presentations, training webinars and regional development of the iBelieve Group.

3] The NNC Project team could not lose sight of the fact that the latest technical work on the site of the FortNox.host provider, and the subsequent fluctuations in the performance of the neural network, led to a misunderstanding of the current part of the project users, various speculations and rumors. Of course, in the end, the situation stabilized, but as they say in one saying, "the sediment remained."

The administration decided to avoid such situations, and if possible to explain in detail the processes occurring in the neural network to exclude their misinterpretation.

At the moment, the following situation has developed – most of the servers that were rented by users of the project to support the neural network at its start have completed their work. This means that the power data is disconnected from the neural network, which affected its performance. In particular, there were fluctuations in the percentage of buybacks of tokens and the rate of NNC against USD.

This situation will continue for some time – until new capacities take the place of the ending servers.

How can one influence the stabilization of neural network performance?

– add more quality news
– check all the news added by your partners on the day of adding, do not delay the check.
– Read as many news as possible and analyze their content. Answer questionnaire questions thoughtfully.
– Complain about flood and spam in the news.
– If possible, help the neural network by renting additional capacities – the more capacities will work in the neural network, the better its performance will be.

This situation will not affect the process of mining tokens and the amount of remuneration you receive.

The project regulations regarding applications for withdrawal of funds and the deadline for their execution remains unchanged.

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