News 10.04-11.04.19. About working hype projects!


A small innovation, in some announcements you will see an inscription highlighted in green, “falls under surveillance” such projects look interesting to me, but I don’t own any information specific for the full implementation of the resource in TOP HYIP! Well, I’ll create separately a small subsection where I will drop these resources, with a brief description of the plans, regulations, my essay (in one line) and the level of refk!


b1255caf580ce2e58 News 10.04-11.04.19. About working hype projects! – no binding to the past! RCB 8% of the deposit, GoldCoders licensing engine, DDOS-GUARD protection, ssl from CloudFlare, original design, unique content, manual payments (48 hours), new fast, start plan 3% per day for 5 days, it’s in my opinion, the only working option, according to the technique is standard, the visual is simple, it’s clear that the prospective admin is “Agrarian” at the helm, but even if you do not take into account the failed past work, marketing is a bit heavy, and the last variation from 5% per day looks obvious loot collection. Bottom line: with low activity, there is a chance for a small circle, but no more;

en_125_1255caef29f98f04 News 10.04-11.04.19. About working hype projects! – Wise! RCB 6% of the deposit, handwritten engine, CloudFlare protection, ssl from CloudFlare, original design, unique content, instant payment, a new medium term with a large set of instruments (classic deposits with a fixed amount for each tariff, the ability to get a loan secured by Bitcoin, earnings on guessing the course (rate of 5 usd) + options for buying bitcoin are provided), there are no technical questions, the design structure is controversial, but I liked the cabin, the catch is in the plans, the marketing is extremely difficult, already for amounts from 200 usd the profitability rises to fast th … we’ll observe here we need non-standard advertising …bitcoin-squared News 10.04-11.04.19. About working hype projects! – hourly, maybe a circle at a short rate and will be idle, but I will pass by;

LAST SCAMS (unpromising new items are marked in red): – 28 days predicted by the pseudo party – 15 days, as they said at the helm there was an unstable management, whose project, like this, brought minus players; – almost two months. the result is more than sane, new tarfs, of course, were opened at a glance, however, investors were more or less accurate, normal work; – 5 days after rebranding, as they said for a long work here, one should not have expected it! – 10 days after rebranding, it seems like PR was not bad, but alas, the administrator had enough, demolish …

Predicted scams and new quick scams, which we will not return to when scamming:,,

EVENTS: – START listing! RCB up to 17% of the deposit, telegram bot + business card site, CloudFlare protection, ssl from CloudFlare, original design, unique content, instant payment. Our review. A new telegram bot with a rate of 1.5% every 12 hours for 60 days (+80 in the end, the deposit is included) is included in the monitoring, we will monitor the development until it accepts only crypto and Payeer, other payments (according to the admin) will be added later!


We will begin the analysis of the section by considering new products from Sunday to Wednesday inclusive, which, in fact, were not:

125_en5cab7f23dbc48 News 10.04-11.04.19. About working hype projects! – The flight is normal! RCB 4% of the contribution, handwritten engine, CloudFlare protection (domain for 1 year), ssl from Sectigo Limited, original design, unique content, instant payment for the first two tariffs and automatic machine for the last plan, Swiss PM, hourly, started on Monday, tobish tomorrow the first small circle will end, the activity is low enough, which, in this case, is rather a plus; As a result, he should finish the first round without straining, but the administrator should do something, if there is no PR action then the work will end quickly; – ala “payment system”, so far there is nothing special to say about it, it’s crazy to keep money there, and the investment component is weak, we are waiting for the introduction of magic wallets; – spoke about it above, started on Wednesday, in principle it is framed quite well, only profitability is growing aggressively, even at positions from 200 usd, and this is not so much, I hope the admin will show the result, but play carefully!

Now let’s go through the projects of the section that are not related to extinct monitoring, and it’s not my passivity that the blog is working at a normal pace now … there are practically no decent admins, and many slag readers read announcements in which I talk about projects as there is, and my categoricalness immediately scares them away, in fact, I dare to express my opinion:,,, old,,,, from unlit – that’s basically all, well, certainly 70% of workable projects at the moment , yes, many of the indicated resources have been working for a long time, but you should personally evaluate this parameter, imagine if even a small-sized blogger will say when to enter, when to Exit, the rating of this parameter should remain purely individual!

STAY WITH NEWHYIP (news on one line and opinions on the industry as a whole, news on projects on monitoring and top we give in one line, on Wednesdays and weekends we do a full analysis):

Telegram chat for referrals: after entering the chat, send me the information about your last three contributions to the blog links to your account, otherwise your account will be blocked, after which I will give you an entry link;

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The official telegram blog channel – 1250 subscribers! We are subscribing in order to clearly understand the overall picture of hype investments! Well, for 2,000 subscribers a surprise awaits many!

PROJECT PAYMENTS: – 4.50, batch 255188510; – 47.25, batch 255188514; – 1.20, batch 255231967; 2.72, batch 255254037; – 100.55, batch 255245245; – 9.00, batch 255298897; – 47.25, batch 255302188; – 12.50, batch 255302215; – 3.19, batch 255308919;

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