News 08.10. And again he!


A small innovation, in some announcements you will see an inscription highlighted in green, “falls under surveillance” such projects look interesting to me, but I don’t own any information specific for the full implementation of the resource in TOP HYIP! Well, I’ll create separately a small subsection where I will drop these resources, with a brief description of the plans, regulations, my essay (in one line) and the level of refk!


1255bbbbf28cdea4 News 08.10. And again he! – Fast with TOP PERFOMER listing! RCB up to 12% of the deposit, GoldCoders licensed script, DDOS-GUARD protection, ssl COMODO with GreenBar, unique design, unique content, instant payment. Our review. A new fast, but formally partisan, but it wasn’t particularly highlighted, in general, the plans are familiar, paying instant, throwing at the start is fraught !!! The rest of the info in our review! PS review will become active immediately after notification on the channel!

ocean125x1255bbbbff28f1830 News 08.10. And again he! – An ambiguous innovation! The resource is a classic hype project with an unlimited tariff of 3% per day, 5% refk and not very convenient construction of the design (one-page view), technically not bad (at the heart of the manuscript, there is a green light), it would seem nothing unusual, but marketing allows increase daily income up to 20% per day (for new deposits) upon reaching a certain amount of borrowed funds, the chip, as for me, is bespont, since 97-99% of PR managers of referral managers work exclusively on listings … so I don’t see much point in it … well and monitors are not really successfully picks up from the start …;

LAST SCAMS (unpromising new items are marked in red): – 10 days, this misery was promoted by everyone who could only … we initially recorded in quick scam, it happened! – 4 days, the game ended on Saturday, admin, when is the grand wait? – 8 days, well, I don’t know, as for me, for my level it worked not so bad; – less than a month, there are virtually no profitable players, demolished;

Predicted scams and new quick scams, which we will not return to when scamming:,,,,,,,,


urano_c5bb71c813fed8 News 08.10. And again he! – Added to the blog! RCB up to 14% of the contribution, handwritten script, DDOS-GUARD protection, ssl from COMODO, unique design, unique content, instant payment. Our review! A recent novelty is included in the most expensive listing on our blog, the conditions are simple: on average 3.6% per day, hourly charges, body withdrawal is possible in 24 hours with a loss of 5% of the amount, we connect with adequate amounts!


STAY WITH NEWHYIP (news on one line and opinions on the industry as a whole, news on projects on monitoring and top we submit in one line, on Wednesdays and weekends we do a full analysis):

Telegram chat for referrals: after entering the chat, send me the information about your last three contributions to the blog links to your account, otherwise your account will be blocked, after which I will give you an entry link;

Mine crypto, trade on exchanges, or just buy cryptocurrency – be in the trend, read crypto news on Newhyip

The official telegram blog channel – 1250 subscribers! We are subscribing in order to clearly understand the overall picture of hype investments! Well, for 2,000 subscribers a surprise awaits many!

PROJECT PAYMENTS: – 2.00, batch 231348046; 2.00, batch 231443961; 2.00, batch 231384807; -5.00, batch 231354616; -9.00, batch 231431531; -3.00, batch 231433236; -13.67, batch 231435804; -7.00, batch 231450927; 14.00, batch 231450958; – 5.94, batch 231438415; -4.95, batch 231455162; -5.25, batch 231464438;

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