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A small innovation, in some announcements you will see an inscription highlighted in green, "falls under surveillance»Such projects look interesting to me, but I don’t own any specific information for the full implementation of the resource in TOP HYIP! Well, I’ll create separately a small subsection where I will drop these resources, with a brief description of the plans, regulations, my essay (in one line) and the level of refk!


125x1255b5f625b70a1e News – Solyanka tariffs! RCB 3% off deposit, GoldCoders licensed script, DDOS-GUARD protection, ssl from GeoTrust + GreenBar, original design, unique content, manual payments (48 hours), British PM. A new middleman, a starting rate of 2.5% for a working day for a period of 2 weeks, the project was generally well assembled, the admin had previously worked on other plans built like a piggy bank, look at it in a new role, there are chances! – fast, I won’t focus on it for a long time, as for me the project of small amounts, on the whole, it didn’t cause a negative for me, if the players will not cast it and can live a week;

125jetwix5b5ed6e53be09 News – Looks whole! RCB 7.5% off deposit, GoldCoders license script, DDOS-GUARD protection, ssl from COMODO + GreenBar, original design, unique content, manual payments, Russian PM, new fast, then a 5-day plan with a yield of 2.7% per day + return at the end should not be viewed , due to refka, profitability overlaps other options, the design is 100% polished, the equipment is in place, but the schedule is confusing at 72 hours, and the tariffs are complicated … According to the admin – it can give a very good result, but it happened that only hitreners were in plus … In general this … you can play it, but not in interesting, not in observable new projects nevertheless I will not note …; – here I will say it is trivial: maybe a partisan, or maybe not, according to the characteristics and investment component is suitable … let's look at it; – Start on July 29, the new term is not new, the idea is not new, we have seen a lot of such projects, good equipment stands out here, but the tariff is quite modest, with investments up to 500 usd the return is 2% per day (beat off the deposit for 50 days), so it is unlikely that the project will be popular.

LAST SCAMS (unpromising new items are marked in red): – the term is not important here, and nothing is important at all, the admin showed a cool result, another plus to our TOP HYIP section! – about 25 days in active mode, 18 days on a blog, days with all the tariffs … Many expected more from the project, but I won’t name it quickly, but without any problems it gave 70% clean, and you could catch it twice so … you can throw stones at me, but there is a result! – Changeling plans, the design is woven from used elements, by;

Predicted scams and new quick scams, which we will not return to when scamming:,,, (10 days),


02_125_125_15b5ed6e59b98d News – Rebranding without a choice! RCB up to 15% off deposit, GoldCoders license script, DDOS-GUARD protection, ssl from COMODO + GreenBar, original design, unique content, manual payments, Ukrainian PM, our review, a new middleman, or rather an ex partisan who has been ambushed for three years, the site certainly delivers, the design is especially pleasing, but the plans … of course there are a lot of them, but there is only one worker – 1.1% of the workers per 100 working days, with a minimum of 350 bucks + return at the end … such a perspective, but the returns should be more accurate first probable … PS the project was added for monitoring in the TOP PERFOMER listing, refk increase to 15%, more more in the review!


STAY WITH NEWHYIP (news on one line and opinions on the industry as a whole, news on projects on monitoring and top we give in one line, on Wednesdays and weekends we do a full analysis):

Symbolic results of the day:

  • On projects, a few words: I get a lot of questions about refunding the balance, what can I say … sunset is grand, it still pays small amounts, so try to split up, there was a lot of time to earn; almost passed the start circle in the framework of the blog + added Arabic; Vario and Ezrabit are still being pulled, the rest will be touched on Wednesday in the analysis;

  • According to the latest news –, the admin has previously worked in piggy banks, let's see in a new role … admin can be surprising here, but he also met projects with results close to swift;

  • According to the scam – you yourself see that 2/3 of the working projects have already been closed, the industry is being rebuilt, well, and in fact there are simply no classic fastas!

  • Telegram chat for referrals: after entering the chat, send me the information about your last three contributions to the blog links to your account, otherwise your account will be blocked, after which I will give you an entry link;

    Mine crypto, trade on exchanges, or just buy cryptocurrency – be in the trend, read crypto news on Newhyip

    The official telegram blog channel – 1100 subscribers! We are subscribing in order to clearly understand the overall picture of hype investments! Well, for 2000 subscribers there will be a surprise for many!

    PROJECT PAYMENTS: -3.02, batch: 222493227; 3.02, batch: 222601838; -4.60, batch: 222511626; 4.50, batch: 222662244; 11.00, batch *****a3001c44c; 5.60, batch: 222596092; -2.10, batch: 222511670; 32.50, batch: 222595643; 14.00, batch: 222662943; – 16.00, batch: 222513023; 51.50, batch: 222661961; 19.52, batch: 618222155; 4.64, batch: 618737238; -3.00, batch: 222556935; -2.50, batch: 222595653; 12.00, batch: 222662308; 5.00, batch: 222662216; 24.00, batch: 222595714; – 1.55, batch: 618368808; 08/33, batch: 618376479; -1.50, batch: 222667547; 3.00, batch: 222668904;

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