Nebulas cryptocurrency review and description


Nebulas (NAS)

The Nebulas team is developing a search engine for blockchain applications and smart contracts. Using it, users will be able to search the blockchain and find decentralized applications that interest them.

Nebulas will become a self-developing system, based on the mechanism of rewarding ecosystem participants and the Nebulas Rank ranking criterion, which will be used in assessing the value of users, smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The assessment will take into account liquidity, transaction frequency, scale, prevalence, growth rate of the number of users, network quality and application compatibility.

Nebulas will use a proof of commitment system (Proof of Devotion), in which users whose rank exceeds the indicated value can become “bookkeepers” (eng. – bookkeeper). Accountants will be able to generate blocks, collect block rewards and transaction transfer commissions. To become an accountant, the user must make a security deposit, which will be withheld if he decides to go against the rules of the system.
In addition, developers whose rank of smart contracts or decentralized applications will exceed the indicated value will receive awards in NAS tokens through the Developer Incentive Protocol.

The Nebulas Force protocol endows the Nebulas platform with such an important feature as self-development ability, which eliminates the need for forks from the system. The platform also implements a voting system with which users can make decisions about making changes to the main Nebulas chain. In addition to the main circuit, Nebulas uses many additional circuits through which technical solutions and updates are implemented.

The NAS token will serve as a medium of exchange between the chains on the platform. It will also become a currency endowed with a number of functions that are key to the existence and development of the system, for example, making guarantee deposits, participating in voting and encouraging developers.


Blockchain is a huge database, no one can navigate in it yet. Nebulas platform is the first search engine, the future algorithm of which will somewhat resemble the work of YouTube video hosting:

  • You open the service and leave a request for a specific topic;
  • The system introduces you to the available content and recommends additional material;
  • You get acquainted with all the available offers and quickly find the right technology.

The platform has a very promising concept, which in the first place will be of interest to all developers. If the project is interesting to developers, then software will be written for it, tokens will be launched and ICOs will be conducted. That is, in the future, the platform will receive massive support, and (NAS) will significantly increase in value.




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