Native Ads – Advertising Network Overview


Native Ads – Native Advertising Network

Native Ads is one of the leading advertising platforms in the world.
Native Ads strives to create a better network by creating display ads for sat, making it attractive and relevant to native advertising.
Publishers have the ability to create, customize and post their own advertising widgets on their website in minutes.
The system allows you to create great and trendy content, supply and improve content widgets, ensuring customer success.
Native Ads supports all devices, adapting ads for various types of devices and gadgets.

Advertising formats are diverse

Launching ads is very simple.
Immediately after registration, the advertiser has access to a profile for creating an advertising campaign.
To do this, select the type of campaign.

After, the main campaign settings are set
The next step will be campaign budgeting

You can also configure the display of ads by time and day of the week.
Finally, it’s possible to create a tracker to optimize conversions and improve advertising.

We load creatives and enjoy pure and highly conversion traffic.


  • Convenient and intuitive interface
  • A simple and functional tool for creating promotional materials
  • Extensive statistics system.
  • Responsive support.


  • Creative Designer
  • Bulk upload advertisements, banners and videos.
  • Affiliate program


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