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 NanoInv LTD: general information

NanoInv is a new medium-interest investment project with tariff plans for a period of work from 40 to 50 business days and a yield of 3% to 5% on business days. The project started on November 13, 2019 and has already managed to make a lot of noise. In this review, we’ll see if it is worth investing in NanoInv and what are the pros and cons of the platform.
You can find the official NanoInv website very simply at this link – As for the site, it is unlikely to be able to surprise anyone, there is still a rather primitive and expected design. Perhaps even it will seem to you that you have already seen it somewhere. But the content here is at a high level. The administration described everything that can be described in the project.
NanoInv’s business is to develop, implement and invest in nanotechnology. Actually, the name of the project justifies the legend. Here is what the creators of the platform say:
The company NANOINV LTD has been dealing with issues of investing in nanotechnology for more than 10 years and knows firsthand about all the intricacies of this type of venture investment. Our investment company provides a full range of investment services, from accumulating funds of private investors to concluding transactions with end users of nano products.

NanoInv LTD project investment plans

NanoInv has two regular payment plans that include profit and deposit body. This is a classic version of marketing and also here payments are made on weekdays.
Plan 1
  • Profitability: 3% on weekdays
  • Duration: 50 working days or 70 calendar days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 10 – up to $ 15,000
  • Deposit: included in accruals
  • Going through the breakeven: in 34 working days or 47 calendar days
  • Net profit: 50%
Plan 2
  • Profitability NanoInv: 5% on weekdays
  • Duration: 40 working days or 56 calendar days
  • Deposit amount: from $ 15,000 – up to $ 30,000
  • Deposit: included in accruals
  • Break-even: in 20 working days or 28 calendar days
  • Net profit: 100%

And although there are two plans, in fact there is only one working option. In our opinion, in the background NanoInv makes no sense. No investor in their right mind would take such a risk. Investing in the background is the same as simply throwing $ 15,000 down the drain. So, if you invest in the first plan, for example, $ 200, then from Monday to Friday you will receive mono at $ 6 for 50 working days or 70 calendar days.

Marketing Features

  • Nanoinv has no limit on the number of deposits.
  • Profit in the project is displayed instantly
  • You can submit a withdrawal request for amounts from $ 0.3, 0.0001 BTC or 20 rubles.
  • You can withdraw money only to the wallet from which you made a deposit.
  • Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, AdvCash, Qiwi, Yandex.Money.
  • Affiliate program: 10%.

Pros and Cons of Nanoinv

The positive aspects of Nanoinv include a low minimum contribution. And since you can invest in the project from $ 10, most investors can take part. This will also allow you to make a test deposit and make sure that the project pays.

This also includes an attractive referral program. The project provides an opportunity to earn money without investments. And it is also worth noting the activity on social networks, the project has its own news telegram channel.

Of the minuses of Nanoinv, we can highlight the fact that the project does not have those online support. And although the project’s hotline phone number and mail for communication are indicated on the project’s website, it’s not a fact that you can get through or someone will answer you and help you resolve the issue. It is also unclear why to create a plan with such a high threshold of minimum contribution. $ 15,000 is very overpriced.

Reviews about NanoInv on the Internet are mostly positive, but the project has been working not so long ago, so be sure to read all the information about it before making a contribution. And on this our review came to an end.

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