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MyEtherPos or EthPos is an investment project that promises a profit of 8.3 to 12.1 percent per month from your deposits and earnings on an affiliate program in the amount of 5%.

In principle, (the new site is a classic hyip project, there are already over 500 reviews on this site. All hype projects promise high passive income, which is why they are called HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). But not everyone fulfills these promises, so we try to choose for our readers high-quality, which really make money,

MyEtherPos stands out among ordinary hypes in that its legend is too close to reality. And further in the review about MyEtherPos I will explain in more detail what exactly.


Ethereum and PoS Mining

Surely you have heard about the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum. Now the confirmation of transactions on the network is performed using the PoW algorithm (this is when a huge number of special mining chips try to solve the equation first). In the coming year, Ethereum will switch to the PoS algorithm and transactions will be confirmed by those who own Ethereum.

That is, you get passive income, which directly depends on the amount of Ethereum in your wallet. And for sure, there will be pools that will offer to transfer money to them, in order to collect more Ethereum in one place and increase passive income.

Back to MyEtherPos review. He already offers to transfer your Ethereum to them and the more you transfer, the higher your income will be. There are 2 nuances:

  1. Firstly, PoS mining will only work next year. Therefore, earning on PoS mining in MyEtherPos is a legend!
  2. Secondly, the interest that MyEtherPos offers is too high for PoS mining.

In the first version of this review about MyEtherPos, I wrote that it’s not worth it, because companies that copy real business / technology too much rarely work for a long time and efficiently. But then a MyEtherPos representative contacted me and assured me otherwise.

In principle, of course, you shouldn’t trust a representative of a hip project with a word, but the fact of feedback and the desire to change the opinion of bloggers about the project is a very strong indicator of quality. I correspond a lot with the owners of hype and rarely get high-quality feedback.

In general, at the moment I believe that MyEtherPos will work out efficiently and, most likely, this project will become very popular and bring profit to current investors. Nevertheless, I decided to stop recommending it to my readers for investment, as there is every reason to believe that it is too complicated for people who are not versed in cryptocurrencies.

This review of MyEtherPos is finished, follow the events in the hype industry on our websitei.

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