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Cloud Mining – MyCoinCloud Review and Reviews

MyCoinCloud – Bulgarian Bitcoin mining cloud service.

His long-term advantage is the comparatively low electricity tariffs. Payments are made weekly, directly to the tenants’ wallets.

Offers 2 Bitcoin mining contracts. These contracts differ among themselves in the amount of leased capacity and price. Like most similar services, tenant fees are charged in traditional (fiat) currency. In this case, in dollars.

MyCoinCloud is a mining service provider based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The website claims that their company was founded at the end of 2015, a statement that we were able to verify since the website itself was created in 2015. This is consistent with this requirement. They also claim that MyCoinCloud was founded by some cryptocurrencies and IT experts, although these people remain 100% anonymous. The real owner is hiding behind the privacy feature, which makes it impossible to discover his name. My coin cloud currently offers mining contracts for various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, ZEC, BCC, ETC, XMR and LTC. Surprisingly, MyCoinCloud is designed for life, and payment is made once. After an investor subscribes to one of his mining plans, additional fees are not charged.

The company also claims to provide its services to both individual investors and corporate clients who want to invest in cryptocurrency. It should be noted that currently it is impossible to find perpetual contracts in cryptocurrency mining due to the fact that mining has really become an expensive affair. The price of cryptocurrencies has been falling and has recently stabilized at low prices compared to what it was in 2017. Other mining costs, such as equipment maintenance and the cost of electricity, are also an obstacle, not to mention the difficulties With mining are constantly growing due to the fierce competition that thousands of miners around the world create. Therefore, the claim that MyCoinCloud offers life-long contracts is too good to be true.

And, of course, if you are interested in whether MyCoinCloud is a fraud or not, you should read this review because we are going to reveal the truth about this mining operation. There are different opinions in the reviews that people post on the forums. But you, as a rule, cannot trust forums that do not deserve respect, since some of them allow you to view spam on their forums after receiving remuneration from administrators. If you need to start mining, we recommend that you find out what these companies can do with your cryptocurrency. We bet you will be glad that you purchased a contract and your money plus profit has been returned to you.

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