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The international advertising company began work in 2016 and is a development of the ‘The Blogger Network’ project, successfully working in the field of PPV advertising since 2012.

With Monumetric, site owners are given the rare opportunity to monetize their traffic on a CPM model with exceptionally high rates.
For traffic from the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK, payouts for 1000 impressions can reach $ 9.

Such high payouts are due to two factors: the exclusive status of the company and direct cooperation with advertisers.

In this connection, the selection criteria for advertising sites are very strict:
– at least 10,000 visitors per month;
– It is expected that the site contains exclusively “clean” content that meets the Google standard and all the requirements of copyright law;
– site verification takes as long as necessary for most advertisers to approve it;
– the site template should have side-bar and header blocks, the sizes of which are suitable for the advertising network formats.

In addition to standard stop factors, Monumetric has additional restrictions on the technical and behavioral factors of the site:
– At least 50% of the traffic should come from the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Australia;
– The site must have a Google Analytics code installed.

Separately, we note the following feature: if the number of page views on the site is less than 80,000 per month, then to obtain an affiliate code you will need to not only undergo a thorough moderation, but also pay $ 99.
Statistics are only accepted through Google Analytics.
For those who monetize their sites using Google AdSense, switching to Monumetric will provide almost a three-fold increase in profitability.

In addition, Monumetric is a fully independent company and blocking an AdSense account is not an obstacle to connecting a new site.
At the time of writing, the network offers four plans for monetizing Internet resources:

– ‘Propel’ (for sites whose traffic is less than 80,000 hits per month);
– ‘Ascend’ (from 80 to 500 thousand impressions per month);
– ‘Stratos’ (500 thousand -10 million hits per month);
– ‘Apollo’ (over 10 million impressions per month).

Ad units are placed in the form of banners, sliders and video sections.
There is also a mandatory requirement: the site owner must agree to place at least 6 advertisements on each page.
There is no free sale of traffic at, and connection of new advertisers is carried out only after a personal interview (the application is executed in the ‘Advertiser’ section).
The demographic composition of the advertising network: 70% of women and 30% of men.
Distribution by device type: 70% mobile traffic and about 30% desktop.
Geographical location of the main audience: US, UK, AU, CA.

How to get started with

As mentioned above, a free connection to the advertising network is only possible if the monthly number of site views exceeds 80,000.
Application is made in the ‘Apply Today’ section.

Registration in this case is quite lengthy and consists of the following steps:
– filling out an application;
– filling out an additional questionnaire;
– authorization in Google Analytics.

Initial review of the application may take about two weeks, after which time will be required to coordinate the advertising strategy with advertisers.
After completing all the checks, the partner receives a control code, and his site becomes available in the company’s RTB auction.
Despite all the difficulties with connecting, Monumetric has one definite plus: when advertising starts, it will be possible to observe the growth of your earnings almost online.

Finance statistics and payout details are recorded in US dollars.
Payments in America and Canada are made to PayPal wallets, bank cards and in the form of checks.
For other countries, only one withdrawal channel is available – PayPal EPS, so when registering, you need to confirm the activity of your PayPal account.
Schedule of payments – twice a month (after the 5th and 25th), but with a delay of 60 days after enrollment.


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