Monitoring Hyp Projects


What is monitoring of hype projects

This is an advertising platform for HYIP projects, which monitors their performance. Monitoring does not care which project to add to itself – a serious hyip with documents and offices, which can then become the best hype, or a curve and buggy that will disappear in a few days. If the project paid, they add it. HYIP monitors also place a huge number of banners on the main page of the site, which is why they lose their normal appearance.

Monitors are always neutral, they do not publish their opinions and do not give advice, and all their work is limited to paying a refback and setting the following status for investment funds:

  • Pending payout
  • Pays
  • Problems (site unavailable, delays in payments)
  • Scam

How does monitoring work? At the expense of “listings”: the hype organizer pays for advertising on the monitor, for example, $ 300, of which $ 100 monitoring leaves for himself to work, and $ 200 goes to the project, then to display interest and show that the project pays. These percentages are his second source of income. For the same reasons, it can be concluded that monitoring cannot be independent sources of information.

What are the pitfalls of monitors

On monitoring, you can often find the status of ‘Gold’, ‘Premium’, ‘Diamond’ and others, which supposedly show the reliability of a particular HYIP. In fact, we are talking about the amount of money paid by the administrator. The steeper the name and the higher it is on the list, the more money the admin gave. These statuses do not say anything else.

The duties of the monitor include daily monitoring of payments on deposits and monitoring the relevance of the status. But alas, the reality is that often everything happens exactly the opposite. Admins act cunningly. At one fine time, they stop making payments to all participants except monitoring. And since monitors rarely monitor the real situation in the project, their skipped HYIP can calmly hang with the status of ‘paying’ for another week, leaving negative unsuspecting new investors.

What do we have in practice? Yes, the fact that such cases are not isolated. Many monitoring hype projects 2019 promote HYIP with irrelevant statuses. Also, some monitors are characterized by unfair fulfillment of the conditions for the payment of refback. They can underestimate the percentage of return promised earlier. They can drag out referral payments for a long time, and if a project scam occurs during this period, they may refuse to pay a refback.

Draw conclusions

Investors should not blindly believe what they are offered. They need to have knowledge, thanks to which they will be able to independently choose hype projects.

According to my observations, if HYIP is placed on a large number of monitors with a paid listing, this indicates that he did not succeed in the advertising campaign, or that the organizers of the investment fund are wasteful. It makes no sense to connect dozens of identical directory sites where the same small audience hang out, and even give money for it. Moreover, the money of investors. And they still somehow need to be returned and, preferably, with a profit. But who thinks of such nonsense, right? 🙂

Really useful information can be obtained by visiting blogs or other resources that are directly conducted by investors themselves. Not surprisingly, such resources are increasingly replacing classic monitors. Indeed, many of them invest their money and they are interested in their referrals earning – otherwise they will quickly lose their audience. They can teach beginners to earn money in HYIP. And what can those who are accustomed to “take to listing” teach without risking anything?

But since the article is all about monitoring, in the end I remind you that monitoring is just an advertising platform for HYIP and nothing more. Be wary of the information posted on it and double-check it yourself on different resources.

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