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Money Birds

Money Birds is an economic game that came into the virtual world back in 2014. Over the entire period of the project’s existence, the network has not yet received an unambiguous answer to the question: what is a scam or a working earnings scheme? The editors of the site took responsibility to check the game for compliance with the statements made. We have to find out: who and under what conditions can earn real money effortlessly. On what are the high incomes of individuals based and what will the investment of the average user lead to.

Participation in the online economic game Money Birds

The first thing we pay attention to is the domain of the project. Its creators made secure and placed their brainchild at once at several addresses:

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What is connected with such a large number of domains is clear without words. The creators of the game are doing everything to ensure that no user is ‘lost’ in the World Wide Web. It is important to understand that a player is primarily a potential investor.

In order to draw the player into the project, the creators of the game “Money Birds” make a wide gesture in the form of a gift in the amount of 1000 silver coins. To understand the value of this bonus, you need to understand the meaning of what is happening, get acquainted with the rules and conditions of an economic online game.

The point is to buy birds that carry eggs. Eggs can later be sold. Funds received from the sale of eggs are divided into 2 parts. One part can be used to buy new birds to increase the livestock in a virtual chicken coop. The second part is for withdrawing funds. The longer the player is in the project, the higher the amount of money earned by him.

The rules of the economic game Money Birds

Before you join the game, you must carefully study its rules. In them, the authors of the resource declare without hiding: The game is a type of activity aimed at satisfying a person’s needs for entertainment, pleasure, relieving stress, as well as developing certain skills and abilities in the form of a person’s free expression that are not related to achieving utilitarian goals and delivering joy On their own.

We are not talking about any upcoming income, while the user can independently purchase game equipment. Inventory is considered the internal currency of the resource – silver. The exchange rate defined by the rules: 100 units of silver \u003d 1 ruble. BUT! This rate is valid only for account replenishment. When withdrawing funds, the rate is calculated according to the level of the user, which is calculated based on the amount of replenishment.

Important is the fact that the creators of the online game “Money Birds” are not responsible for crashes and errors in the software and the results that were reached by the user at the time of the failure, are simply reset. And most importantly: the Organizer does not give the participant any guarantee that he will benefit or benefit from participating in the game.

How to make money in the online game ‘Money Birds’

The process of the game “Money Birds” looks quite primitive. With the funds received as a bonus, the user can purchase one bird that carries eggs at a speed of 48 units per hour. A feathered bird has a lifespan of 110 days. Further, the animal simply dies, and then you have to buy a new layer. Eggs are sold for virtual silver, which is not so easy to remove.

When withdrawing funds, there are a number of conditions that must be observed. First and foremost, investments are needed! The minimum deposit amount is 100 rubles. It also requires the presence of active referrals (invited members) who will replenish their balance by at least 30 rubles. To withdraw funds, you also need to have the next domestic currency Cash Points. Here the course is even less profitable. To withdraw the invested 100 rubles, the user needs to have 30 cache points, the purchase of which will be spent 30,000 units of silver.

Economic online game Money Birds – our reviews

Reviews from our editorial staff about making money in Money Birds are negative. The user is invited to participate in the financial pyramid. Withdrawals are only possible with active referrals. The more participants are drawn into the game, the higher the probability of receiving funds. It is impossible to get away from investing your own funds. Having invested 100 rubles in the project, the user will have to attract at least 10 people to participate in the project, who will also replenish the organizers’ accounts for a certain amount. In a word, each player earns 10% of the amount of the user he attracted. The remaining 90% settles in the pockets of the project organizers.

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