Monetization of sites: advantages and disadvantages of CPA networks


Monetization of sites

Connecting sites to affiliate programs today is one of the most popular ways to monetize them. In this case, the owner of the resource receives profit as a result of an action committed by a user who has clicked on an affiliate link. As a rule, he receives a percentage of the transaction amount, for example, sale of goods. For many webmasters, such a business model has become a major source of revenue. The main role in such a business is played by CPA networks, which provide a full range of services and tools for successful project monetization.

The very name CPA stands for ‘cost per action’, that is – pay per action. The principle of work is as follows: the owner of the site places on its pages advertising materials that the service provider provides a network of affiliate programs. The user who is interested in advertising follows the link, this is recorded in the webmaster’s account in the CPA network and if he buys something, then after the payment is confirmed, the site owner receives a reward. Everything is simple and clear, but in fact, there are advantages and disadvantages to working with affiliate program aggregators.

Advantages of working with CPA networks

The main advantage of working with CPA networks is a large selection of advertisers gathered in one place. It is enough for the webmaster to get acquainted with the choice of shops and organizations ready for cooperation, post their materials and wait for profit. In addition, the networks provide a number of tools that are already ready for use, which allows the site owner to save time on their setup and adaptation to the engine of their site.

Another important advantage of CPA networks is that you can collaborate with an unlimited number of advertisers at the same time, so revenue should grow. In addition, in case of disputes, the administration of the affiliate network is very likely to take your side, as it is also interested in making profit from your cooperation with the advertiser. It is important to remember that networks act only as an intermediary, and are not a service provider.

 Disadvantages of working with CPA networks

The main disadvantage of working with CPA networks is, paradoxically, in their popularity. The number of sites collaborating with aggregators is steadily growing, which means that a huge number of affiliate links to the same stores appear. This deprives the webmaster of the ability to effectively use such a useful feature as a post-click cookie. Why is this happening?

As a rule, after clicking on the link, users are in no hurry to make a purchase. It takes time to make a decision. Of course, people will continue to search for information of interest to them and, as a result, click on new affiliate links. As a result, the percentage will be received by the webmaster whose site the client visited immediately before the commission of the action payable.

In addition, affiliate program aggregators, as a rule, have a low rating, so search engines treat them with distrust. Placing links with an identifier of CPA networks in open form (without redirecting through your website) can negatively affect the ranking of the project in the search results, which threatens with loss of positions and, as a result, reduced traffic. Therefore, before starting cooperation with aggregators of affiliate programs, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons. And of course, ‘peep’ the nuances of working with CPA systems on top sites.

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