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MobiAds Ad Network Overview

Mobiads is a mobile traffic ad network. One of the most convenient and simple tools for the interaction of advertisers and webmasters, as well as advertising their products and services on the Internet. As the number of mobile users grows every day, there is a need for advertising in a new format.

Broad targeting Mobiads allows you to show ads only to users interested in a product or service. Customization by manufacturer, operator, version and type of operating system: Android, iOS, etc.

To date, the capacity of the Mobiads ad network is about 50 million impressions every day.

Affordable Promotional Items

Mobiads offers to install the following types of ad units on the site:

– Text;
– Banner.

How to earn

To become a partner of the Mobiads advertising network, you need to add a platform: choose a type, category, give a name, specify a URL, a minimum cost per click and the number of links in the ad. After successful moderation, which takes no more than one business day, a code will be available for installing one of the types of ad units.

The minimum attendance of the resource should be at least 300 unique, mobile visitors per day. Other requirements as well as system rules can be found on the official website of the affiliate program.

How much can you earn

The amount depends on the quantity and quality of mobile traffic. On average, according to statistics, about 10% of users log in from mobile devices. Estimated income can be calculated independently, taking into account the approximate conversion. Payments are made for clicks, that is, actual conversions. The cost of transition is set by the webmaster independently.

 Referral program

Mobiads offers a referral program: 5% of the daily turnover attracted through your personal link to customers.

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