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MixTraff – ad network

Mixtraff.com is an advertising network that offers services: video seeding, social media promotion, branding, teaser and native advertising. The project started in 2014. Advertisers can order these services and make fine-tuning for targeting the target audience. Webmasters monetize their social, search, arbitrage traffic.

What is special about Mixtraff

Webmasters can attract traffic through the extension for the browser and through a special form for the site.

Advertisers are invited to use contextual, video advertising, mobile banners, teasers, including popunder. The branding service will allow your customers to learn more about the company and the product that you represent.

The advertising network works with banks, owners of popular online games, bookmakers, news sites, dating services, entertainment portals, social networks, publishers, sellers of digital and physical goods, with large movie sites, torrent trackers, file sharing.

What will the webmaster and advertiser get when working with the service

The ability to monetize any traffic. Various formats are offered for webmasters, in the top, of course, a pander, video advertising, as these are the most profitable formats. They work on the CPM Revshare model. An individual agreement is made with each webmaster, which gives an advantage to webmasters when choosing a work model and setting a tariff. Traffic buyback data can be viewed in real-time statistics. Responsive caliper all answers all questions. Accepted traffic from around the world. Topics: sports, adult, games, entertainment, music, finance, hobbies, news, technology.

The advertiser gets his hands on a tool to attract low-cost traffic. For example, using targeting your target audience, you can select the country, gender, age, IP range, location, operating system, manufacturer and type of user device, traffic source by ID. Additionally, you can use the retargeting tool, which allows you to show ads to a potential client who placed an order but didn’t complete the product purchase procedure.

The following advertising formats are available to you: popunder, preroll, postroll, contextual advertising, banners, promotion using viral fifteen-second videos, native advertising on social networks, blogs, ordering comments and post texts.

Check in

Create a new account, indicating the address of the site, if you are a webmaster, feel free to add the site and generate codes in your account, a self-service is implemented. Advertisers indicate the budget and company name. Contact support to choose the best way to promote or monetize your project. For webmasters: select one of the available advertising formats, indicate the source of traffic, copy the code to your website.


Withdrawals are made every week to Wire Transfer, WebMoney wallets. The minimum payout amount is 50 US dollars. There are also shares, 25 dollars to the webmaster’s account at the first payment check with the manager.

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