Mistakes of investors in hypes


20+ mistakes experienced seasoned investors

1. This project is already 5 years old, it just developed offline and has recently come to the Internet.
Who told you that, admin? The person who invited you? Or guys in the chats? With this step, hype is trying to seem more solid, as if to say: “We are not some newcomers, but have been successfully developing for 5 years on earth,” and many are underway.

All information must be double-checked by ourselves, no need to trust empty words. When a person affirms something, always demand proofs. If the information cannot be verified or there is no evidence, then this is a lie.

2. I invested through a payment system that supports chargeback. Through it in case of scam I will return the enclosed!
Chargeback is possible if you make a purchase in the online store. But not when an individual transfers to another individual. So the word “chargeback” in this case works as a bait for gullible investors. When a scam happens, the crowds of depositors to whom the suckers promised a guarantee of a refund will try to return the money through this system, but alas, their expectations will be broken against the wall of reality.

Do not fall for the “chargeback” and do not look for guarantees – they do not exist. The only right decision is to take risks and invest how much it is not a pity to lose.

3. This is not a pyramid – it is a legal company registered in the UK!

Another way to mislead a person and another favorite method of suckers to declare the reliability of the project. In fact, the ‘legality’ of a company in the UK is bought for a couple of hundred bucks.

4. I talked with the administrator – he has grandiose plans, everything is scheduled for the years ahead, he says it will work for a long time!
Well, what else could he say? What are no innovations planned? What is a hype project at its peak?
In general, if you are an ordinary investor, and not a referral and the administrator is crucifying you, this looks at least suspicious. Typically, admins simply do not have time for this and they only communicate with leaders who can bring a lot of people to their project and, in general, influence the interest in hype among the masses.

Think about it, perhaps his project is not so good that he has to personally attract each person? So that the admin does not tell you, remember, he always lies and his main goal is to push you to the contribution.

5. I ordered the payment 3 hours ago, but she has not yet arrived. I’ll go ask in chat rooms / groups / on forums if this is scam?

In no case should this be done. If you suspect a delay in payments, first go to the hype website and find information on payment regulations. If it says that payments come within 24 hours, and you only have 3 hours, then what are you worried about?

“But before I received payments within an hour, but now 3 have passed!” – you can answer. The admin is not a machine, but a living person, he also wants to sleep, walk, go about his business. If the rules are not violated, there can be no complaints.

You will say: “what’s wrong with that, find out on the forum or in the group if the project is working, how can it harm?”. When you ask questions in the style of “It doesn’t pay me for a long time”, “But if it’s not scam,” “they delay the payment”, especially shy project contributors reading your messages begin to worry and put on a conclusion. Newcomers who have looked closely at the project begin to doubt whether it is worth going here. And a wave of panic rises. And so the only harmless question in your opinion leads to a real scam.

And believe me, these are not empty words, everything depends on the emotions and mood of people in HYIPs, and a small question can turn into a real avalanche that will quickly destroy the project. It is better to ask such questions to your sponsor one-on-one, and not to bring them to the public.

6. This is not a scam, just the project has temporary difficulties with payments, because …
And there can be a dozen reasons why the withdrawal of funds is “temporarily” suspended. In fact, there is only one reason – the project was completed and there will be no further game. It is not worth it to console oneself with hopes – if lightning flashed, then we will hear thunder. If problems begin with payments, and no matter what (delays, restrictions, selective payments), then the scam is already on the verge.

7. Here the legendary admin of such and such a project works until the end, everyone will be here!
Yes, it is always more pleasant to go to the administrator, who already showed a good result, but only if a limited circle of people knows about it, i.e. If this is insider information. Some projects come to my blog precisely because of insider information. If the information is public, it is very bad.

  • Firstly, it can be a banal lie (see point 1) with the aim of collecting money from gullible people, and in fact, there is no legendary admin here.
  • Secondly, the fact that the admin worked well before does not guarantee the same work in his next project.
  • Thirdly, the successful work of a project depends not only on its creator. For example, having learned that the admin of the legendary project is here, the people will simply make a suit, and no matter how cool the administrator is, he will not be able to prevent a quick scam because of the suit.

My advice to you: when at the start everyone runs into the project, do everything exactly the opposite, turn around and go away. The exception is projects with a unique idea and implementation – they can hold on even in spite of the tricks.

8. Prestart! The launch will take place in a week, all the top leaders are here, register and replenish your balances!

I don’t know why many people describe the pre-launch as something good. When everyone knows about the project even before its launch, many people who want to enter at the start appear, and when the hype starts, a big deal happens. After this, the influx ends and the project is completed. Or it’s even worse: on a pre-launch, people replenish their balances, and at the time of the official launch, a throw occurs.

One of the most important parameters for the success of a project is the smooth development and gradual increase in inflow. A prestart gives the opposite effect – a huge influx at the start and its fall after.

Prestart is a stigma of quick scam, which means you need to stay away from it. Again, exceptions are projects with a unique idea, sometimes a pre-start or a test is simply necessary to check everything. In other cases – which makes a lot of noise, then loudly falls.

9. The live queue started only 7 days ago, join us!
I love live queues, you can double-triple in 1-2 days. Only if the queue lives for a week, she does not have much time. In live queues, you need to go not only on the start day, but preferably in the first hours of the start! The queues give a quick and big profit, but only to those who are in the beginning, and they usually live for several days, after which the queue stops.

10. Some guy suggested bringing under me 100 active referrals for 20 bucks, I paid. Something neither referrals nor this guy can not see …

One of the most ridiculous divorces, but since there is a supply, then there is a demand. Think, why should a person who knows how to find so many referrals sell them? It is much more profitable to put them under you and earn a lot of money.

If you have time and desire, manage it 🙂 Choose a project with a multi-level referral system and tell him: “Well, just let you be my referral and invite 100 active referrals for yourself (not even for me). And if you really do it, then you’ll earn a lot of money on the referral system and get $ 20 more from me. ”And then watch his ridiculous excuses :))

11. I do not want / can not invite referrals.
In any normal project, there is a choice: passive income or passive income + a set of referrals. The choice is of course yours, but I recommend trying the second option. The construction of a referral structure gives a tangible income, sometimes it exceeds your deposit income.

And inviting, running after people is not necessary. I myself can’t stand it and I haven’t invited a single person – people themselves find a review on a blog, in the VK group or on the VK page. Try it and you don’t lose anything 🙂 The rest of the options for recruiting referrals are in the article “How to attract referrals”.

12. The project goes to a closed club, new registrations and contributions will be impossible.

Usually, a closed club is talked about in front of a scam when the admin wants to arrange a final money collection. There may be another option – the transition to a closed club will actually take place, but after a week or two they will again open registrations and accept deposits in order to collect money from people waiting to invest, and then scam.

Do not trust a private club – HYIPs cannot work without an influx of new deposits.

13. Tired of the pyramidos – stumbled upon one guy, is engaged in the promotion of accounts at rates / forex. Makes 20% per month, I will earn with it.
Think about it, if he can raise 20% every month, why should he spin up someone else’s account and share profit with someone, why shouldn’t he spin up his account? You can answer ‘probably to earn even more from large sums, but you won’t earn much with his $ 1000 in your pocket.’ And here it is, you’ll earn a lot 🙂

Imagine that he really earns 20% per month. He has $ 1000, after a year of such work, they will turn into 9000 bucks. And in a year, this amount will turn into 80 thousand dollars. Do not be surprised – this is how the “compound interest” works. Now you understand how ridiculous the proposals to promote the account look?

If a person offers to spin up an account, then this is either a pyramid with a legend, or a person simply does not want to risk his money. And what? If it earns, it will receive a profit for both itself and the client. And if you pour the money – it’s not scary, I didn’t risk my own 🙂

14. Tired of the pyramidos – I decided to go to an official company that works in the real sector of the economy and pays 10% per month.
I constantly stumble upon a sucker who writes “there are pyramids everywhere, but here we have no pyramid, money works in the real sector of the economy”. Despite the fact that after each scam, approximately the same words sound: “admin creature, I deceived everyone, and I trusted him, but now I take very seriously the choice of projects, by the way a real company (not a pyramid, what are you) where you can recapture Losses…’. And after scam, everything is again in a circle :))

Yes it is a pyramid, a pyramid. There has not yet been a single company that would pay such interest and have worked for at least 5 years. Stop looking for “real investment” and then give up. No need to fool yourself or the people around you.

15. A friend / acquaintance / mother-in-law / cat says that all this is a scam and a pyramid, and here you can not earn. You need to be hardworking and generally go better to the factory.

Oh, these ‘advisers.’ To begin with, a scam is a pension of 8,000 rubles. And here is the paradox: people have to work half their lives for the sake of a pension that will not be enough for anything. Scam? Yes, one hundred percent. Scam – when the salary is enough only for food, travel, housing and a couple of rags. Scam – when banks offer a percentage that does not even cover inflation. But people are so used to it that they consider it normal.

Look at the “connoisseur” who tells you that you cannot make money here. Does he live as you would like to live? Advice should be taken only from successful people. Because if their advice were valuable, they would have led them to success.

As for hard work, I will quote the words of one person. “The so-called hardworking people will be hardworking to earn a penny all their lives, naively believing that hard work is the way to the world of wealth. And big money is earned not at all by hard work, but by the mind. ”

Do not let others impose their opinions – always think with your own head. There are people with a hole in their pocket who know the answer to everything. And there are people who become successful by trial and error, not afraid to seem strange.

It may sound harsh, but – the herd will always despise those who are outside the herd. And this applies not only to earnings, but in general to all areas of life. Also, some are afraid “what will people think?”. What’s the difference? Life is yours.

16. Hush up your participation in the project and not post payments.
Unfortunately, in the CIS countries – a small percentage of people can express gratitude, leave a review openly. The mentality of this. Thank you here in silence, and always express your dissatisfaction openly.

Take posting payouts in HYIPs. What percentage of participants expresses “thanks” to the project, post their payments? And 10% will not be typed, but after scam all come running to them. Why post payments at all:

  • First of all, to support the project – to show its performance. If everyone plays in silence, one gets the impression that no one invests in hype, or he does not pay – and this can greatly affect the time of his work.
  • Creating a positive atmosphere around the company.
  • Create motivation for participants to add.
  • The number of payments shows the scale of the hype. Agree that the company seems much larger when there are hundreds of payments in the comments under the review than some ten.

17. Well, these hype, I’ll go to Network Marketing – there is a real product!

In HYIPs, a passive invest prevails – the participant invested and forgot until the next interest calculation. Withdrew funds and posted payment.
And in network companies – you have to run, drag, vparivat and sing songs about “wonderful product”. If you don’t do it there, you will never return yours. In network companies, you need to learn to operate with words, to hush up something and not to say anything. There is a certain analogy between suckers in hypes. Only if suckers need at any cost to drag a person into the project, then in mlm – at any cost to sell the goods.

As for the product, it’s just a non-competitive product with fabulous added value that no one would need without the protection of the company’s MLM 🙂

From network companies, on the contrary, those who are not able to learn how to lie, play the hypocrite and sell the wrong product flee to hypes. It is unprofitable there to be honest and open, and in hyps – profitable.

18. Such a certain mlm leader says that this is the best project, there are no risks, the company has come for decades, and your account, along with payments, will be passed on to grandchildren.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but here forecasts of the project’s work for decades are given, it’s ridiculous. Either this “leader” is a fool, or he consciously lies, that is, a sucker.

No one knows how long this or that project will work, even the creator of this project itself. How can he know how investors will perceive the project, what will be the influx and how long will this inflow increase? But what we know for sure is that not a single project worked smoothly, without any restarts, at least for 5 years. But in reality, this figure is much more modest. Do not listen to MLMs, their job is to scratch your tongue, promise and convince 🙂

19. The pursuit of the highest refback.
There are people who, in pursuit of the most favorable conditions, choose not the project, but the highest refback. As a result, it often turns out that yes, a person got a cool refback, but the project quickly closed and the person remained in a deep minus. It is necessary to focus on high-quality projects, and not on refback. What is the use of getting a refback 15% of the deposit, but leave the rest of the funds in the project?

20. Tired of the pyramidos – decided to invest in a new cryptocurrency Slaco-coin.

MLM-based cryptocurrency is an outlet for those who seek the “non-pyramid”, “non-scam”, and “real investment”. A lot of naive people gather here who do not want to associate themselves with HYIPs and pyramids. In fact, we still have the same pyramid, only with a more recent and original legend. And against the background of the emergence of many real cryptocurrencies, it looks very believable.

They like to spice up the legend with the phrases “mining”, “work of exchangers and equipment”, and of course with promises to enter the public cryptocurrency exchange in the near future. Remember, all this is a legend. Well, this business does not bring as much profit as it pays investors.

21. To believe that a project similar to “that giant” will produce the same results.
Against the backdrop of the giant, projects with a similar idea always appear, trying to tear off a piece of the pie and offering more delicious percentages.
The first one often succeeds – people run there, waiting for the same job: “well, if this one works for X months, then a similar project will certainly work no less,” they think, and they throw in a good amount along with the profit from the giant. If participating in clones, do this carefully.


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