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The main features of the service MiraTrade.biz

MiraTrade (start on 06/19/2019) is a nice cloud service that gives 1 MH / s of power to the regulator, which can be used to launch USD, Litecoin or Dogecoin mining on it. On the project, mining profitability can vary in the aisles of 1-1.8% per day. The minimum withdrawals for all cryptocurrencies are as follows: 1 USD, 0.01 LTC and 350 DOGE.

1) Give a bonus for registration – 1 MH / s.

2) Profitability from 1% to 1.8% per day

3) You can mine DogeCoin, LiteCoin and USD.

4) Minimum withdrawal amounts: 350 DOGE, 0.01 LTC and 1 USD.

The service has a nice unique design, and there is also a registered company. As for profitability, here again there is a system of levels – the larger the contribution, the higher the daily percentage of income.

To get at least to the second level you need to invest at least $ 200, so most users of the service are likely to be at the first level with a yield of 1%.

MiraTrade Reviews: As for the reviews on this project – whether it pays or not, you can find out by looking at the status of the project a little lower. Also in the comments under this article do not forget to leave your feedback about the service!

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