Mining Rig Rentals: mining pool reviews and reviews


Mining Rig Rentals – reviews, setup and registration

Mining Rig Rentals is one of the fastest and easiest cloud mining sites to rent mining rigs. The number of users at Mining Rig Rentals is much larger than that of many competitors, which confirms the solid status of the service. If you do not have enough capacity for solo mining, then Mining Rig Rentals is one of the possible options for such earnings.

 Official platform information

The site was registered in February 2015, and the pool began operating in April 2014. On the official website flaunts the slogan “the eHarmony of the mining community”, that is, “the harmony of the mining community”. The official Mining Rig Rentals on Twitter mentions that the resource is located in New York. However, we cannot confirm or deny this information, since there are no official data in the public domain. Who runs the company is also not known.

Nevertheless, the pool has been confirming its reliability for over 3.5 years, and the number of users for this period is only increasing. Many miners know about this platform, and among them it has earned a reputation as a reliable company.

General information about Mining Rig Rentals

Mining Rig Rentals (abbreviated as MRR) provides the opportunity to rent or lease mining installations. The site is aimed at beginners who only want to try to make money on mining, so navigation is extremely simple. However, the platform is popular not only among beginners, but also among experienced miners who plan to increase their production volumes.

The website is a comprehensive platform on which to rent or lease mining equipment. On the Mining Rig Rentals pool, you can mine cryptocurrency using the following algorithms:

  • SHA256;
  • X11;
  • NeoScrypt;
  • X13;
  • Quark
  • Lyra2Rev2 and many others.

When renting or renting equipment on the Mining Rig Rentals platform, users can pay in bitcoins and lightcoins. If you have idle capacities or are not used to their full potential, then you can rent them out at Mining Rig Rentals and get additional profit from this.

How Mining Rig Rentals Works

Renting or placing rental equipment at Mining Rig Rentals is extremely simple. It is necessary to register on the site and create an account in bitcoins or lightcoins. After that, you can choose equipment for rent.

You can select a farm based on the “current” hash rate. The Mining Rig Rentals platform has a system that tracks the hash rate history of all farms. You can view the history for any farm in a separate window. After reviewing the general information on the settings, you can select one specific one, and then its hash rate at the moment will appear. You can also view the general production status of all leased farms in the control panel.

After a user has rented a farm, it does not move under its full control, but remains with its actual owner. The new user only manages the capacities and uses them as he sees fit.

Register at Mining Rig Rentals

Registration on the Mining Rig Rentals platform is standard and is not much different from the process of creating an account on similar services. The button for registration is located at the top right of the screen.

To register, you must specify your username, email, think up a password and enter Pin.

Miner setup

The Mining Rig Rentals service works with different types of mining equipment. It all depends on the selected pool. Among the supported miners are:

  • Bfgminer;
  • Claymore`s dualminer;
  • Cpuminer;
  • EthDcrMiner64;
  • Minerd;
  • Qtminer;
  • Ccminer etc.

Difficulty settings can be set automatically by selecting the “Suggested Difficulty” option.

Output settings

You can search for information on how to withdraw with Mining Rig Rentals on the platform as much as you like, but you won’t be able to find anything. The fact is that the withdrawal settings from Mining Rig Rentals need to be done on the pool itself, on which the cryptocurrency will be mined. Balance and wallet attachment in the settings will also need to be carried out there.

What Mining Rig Rentals Offers

There are several qualities that distinguish mining on Mining Rig Rentals from similar platforms. Firstly, when choosing equipment for rent, the user can base his choice on the current hashrate, and on the general history of the farm. The indicators of all rented farms can be viewed in a convenient window.

Secondly, the presence of a reliable proxy system, which is written using C ++ code for the fastest possible reaction of the platform to any changes.

Thirdly, rental conditions can be revised in case of low system performance in order to exclude the option when the user pays for the farm for a hashrate which is much less than the declared one.

The advantages include the possibility of mass lease of up to 27 units, and the available reserve pools (5 pieces).

Platform disadvantages

However, some disadvantages need to be highlighted. We were able to identify only one serious flaw – the simultaneous updating of installations. If the user rents a large number of installations, then if updates are necessary, they need to be done manually and separately. There is no single menu in the settings of Mining Rig Rentals for updating all the installations, and therefore it takes quite a lot of time to complete this procedure.

Mining Rig Rentals Reviews

Mining Rig Rentals service has been working for more than 3 years and during this time was able to fill up a rather large client base. Users note the reliability of the service, the possibility of mass rental of installations, the number of reserve pools (5 pieces), and a review of the lease agreement in case of low installation productivity.

The lion’s share of reviews about Mining Rig Rentals are positive, with the exception of only the comments of those users who do not support cloud mining.

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