Minerva Consensus Algorithm


Development Goal Minerva

An unusual development from Truechain Foundation Limited came into our view. This is the Minerva hybrid consensus algorithm, with which developers are trying to solve the biggest blockchain problem – the contradiction between decentralization and efficiency. And today we’ll talk about him.

Currently, there is a widespread belief in the blockchain community that a public network cannot simultaneously achieve high performance, decentralization, and security. This is true in the case of the Nakamoto chain (low performance) or delegated confirmation of the bet chain (partially centralized), which are the most popular blockchain solutions.

TrueChain aims to be the next generation of blockchain infrastructure by creating a new virtual ecosystem on top of Ethereum, which will increase the ability to process transactions based on allowed chains with limited access rights.

Most networks operate on the basis of a single consensus mechanism, such as PoS, which affects performance. Others use DPOs to increase productivity, but there are decentralization issues. With the advent of Minerwa, you can combine high quality indicators in both directions by combining PBFT and fPoW in one mechanism.

  1. Practical Byzantine Resiliency (pBFT) Consensus Mechanism. Health check protocol based on
  2. FruitChain. Fruitchain is designed to minimize incentives for mining pools by reducing the dispersion of mining rewards; Making the network more decentralized.

The company also offers other open source products based on Minerva:

  • Stellar – an intelligent contract management mechanism;
  • TrueChain token (TRUE) with a total offer of 100 million (today’s price is $ 0.329947);
  • Crypto wallet Light Wallet;
  • Mining;
  • TrueScan blockchain browser.

Innovative developments allow TrueChain to receive regular support and investments from such large companies as zb.com, crypto capital, cryptoNord, etc.

Review completion

Minerva is a high-speed consensus algorithm that promises to make the blockchain as secure, fast and decentralized as possible. Experts from China, the USA, Vietnam, etc. worked on its creation, as well as on subsequent products. Now, developments related to blockchains are at the peak of popularity, and Minerva is a huge breakthrough in the world of digital space.

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