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 Features MinerSale

MinerSale is a new project that can provide passive income today. The service provides cryptocurrency cloud mining services. At the same time, the minimum investment is only 25 US dollars.

To start making a profit, you need to purchase a mining contract. This means that having paid for the package, the user receives a portion of the processing power of this service for rent. The company sells in small shares the total hash of the farm, which produces coins.

A bit of history

The company began its journey back in 2016 by launching the first industrial mining farm in the UK. Now this is a worthy cloud mining project that allows you to organize a simple and secure income. To calculate the approximate payback period of investments, a convenient calculator has been created.

Quality technical support works. It is also worth noting that, in addition to English-speaking specialists, there are administrators with knowledge of Russian and Chinese. The investor concludes a contract for a period of 2 years, which are not subject to any hidden commissions, charges for electricity and maintenance.

Advantages of MinerSale

The MinerSale platform has the following characteristics:

  • The following coins are offered to choose from: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash.
  • Farms are located in the United Kingdom and in Iceland.
  • Ensuring high security of customer money.
  • Qualified specialists constantly monitor mining processes, which increases mining efficiency.
  • Initial investment is only $ 25.
  • Estimated profitability as of March 2018 – 28% per year.

As you know, cloud mining is devoid of all the disadvantages inherent in a home farm:

  • Large minimum investment;
  • High noise and heat emission;
  • The need for equipment maintenance;
  • The presence of good wiring.

You will not encounter these problems using cryptocurrency cloud mining.

The system for cloud mining of digital coins has the following features:

1. Professionally managed cloud mining. Users invest in smart contracts for cryptocurrency mining. This allows you to make a profit without having special knowledge in this field. Thanks to a well-designed calculator, you can calculate the potential profit and invest in the contract with the highest profitability.

2. An interesting affiliate program. She is a five-step. Each level additionally brings the investor a certain percentage of the referral’s investments:

  1. 1st level – 5%;
  2. 2nd level – 3%;
  3. 3rd level – 2%;
  4. 4th level – 1%;
  5. 5th level – 0.5%.

It is also provided that depending on how many people the user attracted, the size of the bonus depends on which is added to each level of the affiliate program. So, if the network is:

  • From 100 to 499 people, the bonus amount will reach + 0.2%;
  • From 500 to 999 – + 0.4%;
  • From 1000 to 4999 – + 0.6%;
  • More than 5000 people – + 0.8%.

3. The acquisition of equipment for mining. The company offers already configured and working farms with components from the best manufacturers in the world.

4. The ability to invest in mining on various conditions. From the proposed currencies, you can make up a whole portfolio of assets.

5. Profit from the contracts concluded for mining is accrued the very next day.

 User Registration

To start investing and make a profit using the MinerSale service, you need to go through a simple registration procedure on the site https://www.minersale.com. The next step after creating an account will be to purchase a hashrate.

For investors from the countries of the former Soviet Union, service developers have specially created a Russian-language version. To take advantage of this, you need to find the British flag icon with the inscription English (UK) in the upper right corner of the main page and select Russian in the drop-down list.

Now you need to go down the page and find the ‘Join’ button. You will be redirected to the account creation form, where you need to fill in only three fields:

  • Provide email address;
  • Create an account password
  • Confirm password.

After that, click ‘Create a new account.’ The system will inform you that an email containing an activation code has been sent to the specified e-mail.

Opening your email, you will see a welcome letter from MinerSale, in which you must click on the Confirm email button. A redirect will occur, and the pop-up window will say: ‘Successful confirmation of email.’

After entering your registration data, the system will request a secret code, which was automatically sent to the specified email. It must be copied and entered in the ‘ENTER SECURITY CODE’ field. Next, you will be taken to the personal account of the service.

It provides various information about the current mining processes. The following table is indicated in the general table:

  • Cryptocurrency name;
  • How much money is invested, received, reinvested;
  • ROI for 1 year in percent and dollars;
  • ETA days up to 100% ROI;
  • Payments over the past 24 hours and over the past month.

 Contract Acquisition

Now you need to go to the next step in order to start mining, namely to conclude a contract. To do this, select ‘Buy Hashrate’ in the menu on the left.

On the computing power purchase page, first select the currency for mining, and then move the slider using the “+” and “-” icons, adjust the number of contracts purchased. Minimum packages are:

  • For Bitcoin 1 GH / s for $ 0.22;
  • For Litecoin 1 MH / s for $ 6.5;
  • For Ethereum 1 MH / s for $ 29.99;
  • For Monero 1 KH / s for $ 0.83.

It is possible to create a diversified portfolio within one amount. The table below will show the duration of the contracts, the estimated income for the day, month, year, value of the contracts.

Next, click on the ‘Next Step’ button and you will be redirected to the contract confirmation page. Here you need to select one of the proposed cryptocurrencies for payment (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum) and continue by clicking on ‘Make payment’. The exact amount of funds must be sent to the specified address within 30 minutes.

Withdraw funds

After you earn the minimum amount for withdrawal (0.1 of the currency you mine), go to the ‘Balance’ tab and request a withdrawal. In the same menu, you can configure reinvestment. Transferring cryptocurrency to external wallets is carried out almost instantly.

MinerSale is a simple and easy-to-use platform where you can mine the most popular cryptocurrencies with minimal investment. A great solution for those who do not want to buy expensive equipment.

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