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Mineralt – cryptocurrency JavaScript miner to monetize your sites

The Mineralt.io affiliate program began work in 2017. It offers additional monetization of traffic through the launch of a script for online mining of the Monero cryptocurrency.
Running the miner is possible both in the browser of the site visitor and on the partner’s own server.
From a technical point of view, Mineralt pays for resolved hashes, taking into account the complexity of the task being processed.
Please note that the specific cost of the generated solutions depends on the current complexity of the network.

Affiliate income is calculated by the formula:
(resolved hashes) / (global complexity) * (block reward) * 0.7

A coefficient of 0.7 means that the webmaster receives 70% of the value of the generated cryptocurrency.
In practice, this means that the partner receives additional income for every minute the visitor views the site.

There are no restrictions on the topics of accepted sites, but the following areas will bring the maximum income:

– video broadcast;
– Online Games;
– adult webcams;
– audio books.

Affiliate code can be integrated into browser extensions.

According to reviews by webmasters who tested the Mineralt script, the profitability of participation in the affiliate program is about $ 3.5 per 20,000 traffic with an average duration of one user session of about 1.3 minutes.
A more accurate forecast for earnings, taking into account the current level of complexity of decisions and the cryptocurrency rate, can be calculated in the online calculator located on the main page of the site.

Separately, we note the following advantages of the miner from Mineralt:

– does not conflict with antiviruses and firewalls;
– easily integrates into the site code;
– allows adjustment of the processor load level on users’ computers;
– Can work on mobile devices.

By default, the script works in shadow mode, but if desired, you can activate a widget in the settings that will ask the user for permission to launch the miner.
In addition to the main affiliate income, Mineralt pays a fee for attracting users through a referral link (5% of referral income).

How to start making money with the Mineralt.io affiliate program

Affiliate code is managed in the ‘Script’ section.

First you need to register the site on which the script is supposed to be installed (the ‘Add New Source’ button).
After it is approved, a section with script settings will become available.
Clicking on the ‘Save preferences’ button generates affiliate code, which is available in the form of JavaScript and iFrame.


Registration of referral and affiliate incomes in Mineralt is performed in XMR (Monero).

Payments are made both in cryptocurrencies (XMR or BTC), and in US dollars (USD).

Payments in USD are made through 6 payment systems:
– Skrill (transfer fee will be 1% of the transaction amount);
– Payza (6%);
– Payoneer (0%)
– Wire (minimum 200 EUR, transfer fee 0.15 EUR);
– WebMoney (0.8%);
– Paypal (3%).

The necessary payment system is connected in the ‘Settings’ section.
Frequency of payments – up to 5 times a week, on request and provided that the amount of the application exceeds 0.05 XMR.

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