Minebe service overview – full-service cloud mining


Minebe Project Overview: New Format Cloud Mining

Over the past year, cryptocurrency has become mainstream, thanks to rising rates, popularization and the creation of a common industry infrastructure – exchanges, exchangers, ATMs, applications, etc. As a result, more and more people who want to invest their money profitably began to enter the mining and cryptocurrency industry, but most of them are not technically savvy in matters of assembling farms, setting up the mining process, and even more so the blockchain device. Thus, in response to a market request, cloud mining services appeared, where the user does not need to have literally any knowledge about crypto assets and blockchain, but at the same time fully participate in cryptocurrency mining. These services allow the user to buy power for the extraction of the selected cryptocurrency (on a specific algorithm) from a large mining farm that leases these capacities.

The advantages of this production option for the user:

  • No need to select and purchase equipment.
  • No need to configure the miner, control the mining process, allocate space and cool the room.
  • Flexible power purchase system i.e. You can buy a hashrate in any volume, and not a multiple of a piece of equipment. This is important because In the case of ASICs, each unit will cost 200-300 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the cost of mining for a user usually comes out cheaper than when buying your own equipment. its retail value is much higher than for large farms and data centers.

Minebe Service Functionality

Now let’s move on to the analysis of the Minebe service. This is an aggregator of mining capacities with a full service cycle, what exactly does the service offer:

  1. Cloud mining – renting capacity for cryptocurrency mining, followed by withdrawal in the form of mined coins or fiat
  2. Crypto asset management – asset trading in the cryptocurrency market, carried out by professional managers with guaranteed rates.
  3.  Management of mining farms – buying farms and ASICs for mining at the best prices, installing equipment on the Minebe site with the ability to pick up your farms from the project at any time.
  4. Buying / selling cryptocurrency – an exchanger has already been integrated into the Minebe interface, allowing you to convert cryptocurrency to fiat, if necessary. This, by the way, is a big caustic for cloud mining services, the vast majority of which allow you to withdraw income only in cryptocurrency.

Minebe service works on an intuitive level for the user and does not require knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies. Monitoring the production process is available 24 hours a day. You need to select the cryptocurrency mining parameters that you want to mine and the service specialists will configure them based on the most suitable partner. The mining facilities offered in the service are located in the USA, Canada, Georgia and China. At the same time, the developers of the service declare that they are not cooperating with small private mining centers, preferring stability and a legal scheme for working with large data centers. This is important in the light of the upcoming legislative regulation of mining this year.

Mining calculator

The service interface has a production calculator, in which, before starting work, you can calculate the optimal investment option for the current moment. In the unauthorized user mode, you can switch between levels and plan your income at the levels of Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

More about account levels, there are four in total:

  •  Blue level

Available to registered user. At this level, you can try the mining process with minimal investment and good profitability. Blue level is available for mining once after registration. After completing it, use the Silver and Gold levels.

  • Silver Level

At Silver level, stable earnings with a high percentage are available to you. Mining will be set up with an average interest rate of 20% per month. Such profitability is available only for large mining centers with advanced equipment for cryptocurrency mining. By working with Minebe you will be on a par with world leaders.

  • GOLD Level

The Gold level is suitable for users who value quick returns. High percentage, fast stages of mining, various investment amounts. You can often change the mining strategy and withdraw your earnings in a short time.

  • GOLD Level

The Gold level is suitable for users who value quick returns. High percentage, fast stages of mining, various investment amounts. You can often change the mining strategy and withdraw your earnings in a short time.

Minimum amount for output:

  • 0.005 Bitcoin,
  • 0.5 Litecoin,
  • 0.1 Ethereum.

    The service carries out the withdrawal of funds within 3 hours after the application during business hours. The term of crediting to the account depends on the user’s bank or electronic wallet service. It usually takes from 1 minute to 24 hours. To withdraw, you need to fill out an application indicating the account or wallet and confirm it by e-mail specified during registration.





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