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Brazilian exchange Mercado Bitcoin

Mercado Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange located in South America. It is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Brazil and Latin America. It was founded in 2011. The current CEO of mercado Bitcoin is Rodrigo Batista. The company has served a large number of customers, more than 300,000 users and the number is constantly increasing. Mercado Bitcoin works under the motto – use innovation in the financial system of the latest and leading technologies.

Features of Mercado Bitcoin

Mercado bitcoin provides an extremely convenient service when it comes to trading and exchanging. Users have the opportunity to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Real – Brazilian currency. The platform does not work with US dollars or euros. Although the language of the platform is Brazilian, there are no customer reception restrictions. Withdrawals are made through bcc, btc, itc.

The trading platform is compatible with programs such as Windows, Mac, Web. This must be taken into account when wishing to trade cryptocurrency from the mercado Bitcoin exchange. To resolve disputed and incomprehensible situations, there is a support service [email protected] By writing to it you can get comprehensive information. The minimum deposit you can work with and the minimum transaction amount is 1 dollar.

 Bitcoin Market Security

The cryptocurrency market requires strict security standards. The Bitcoin market takes full responsibility and keeps the money of numerous users safe. Today it is more than 1 million registered users. It is important that cryptocurrency trading platforms are registered.

The official name of the broker under discussion is Mercado Bitcoin Digitais Ltda. Type of SSL certificate, so users can be sure that the company is officially registered. All sensitive data is securely encrypted. The infrastructure for data security is reliable. Speaking about the infrastructure of the exchange, the company has distinctive features.

They are expressed:

  • In the design.
  • Safety features.
  • Back up.
  • Encryption etc.

The platform provides protection against DDOS attacks and is fully certified by SSL. All digital currencies are stored in the refrigerator. What does it mean? The fact that all information about bitcoin addresses, keys and other data is connected to the blockchain only for a short time to complete a financial transaction. Thus, money is protected from any attempts of cybercrime, and the risk of volatility is also excluded.

The user can optionally enable two-factor authentication on his device to add an additional level of security. It can also download Google authentication and scan the QR code of Mercado Bitcoin account. Later it is possible to synchronize them. Thus, every time a login is requested, the user receives a 6-digit code on their devices. This is a convenient novelty that allows you to control the safety of personal funds and to be always aware of their movement.

Types of Bitcoin Accounts

The Bitcoin market has various types of accounts, i.e. normal accounts, VIP account and gold accounts. A normal account requires confirmation of email and an active RPS on registration. VIP accounts can be both individual and corporate use. These documents require color photographs. The bitcoin market has no restrictions for VIP accounts and above, but requires documentation verification. For gold accounts, only genuine documents will be needed.

How to register a new account on mercado Bitcoin

To register a new account, go to Then the user must click on the “create a free account” tab. Enter details such as name, email address and date of birth. The user must also enter cpf or CPNF. This is a Brazilian identification, like our identification code. It is important for the regulatory process. Any foreigner can get it, but in Brazil or at the embassy located in your country. When everything is filled out, click on the “I Agree with T&C” tab to complete the registration process.

How to buy and sell bitcoins

In order to buy Bitcoins, the first step is to have reals in your mercado Bitcoin account. When the loan is available, the user decides how much he wants to spend on the purchase of Bitcoin and places an order.

When selling Bitcoins, the user can easily analyze the market, check the currency prices in real time. The meaning of the cryptocurrency market is simple and obeys the usual rules. Buy cheaper and sell more. You only need to have experience and knowledge to evaluate the market.

Using the mercado Bitcoin platform, you can use the available tools for market analysis. The user can take advantage of several familiar services of the Bitcoin market. Such as real-time currency trading, 24-hour trading volume, find out the minimum and maximum price per day. Information can be viewed for various periods, for example, minutes, hours or days.

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