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() – review of the advertising network

Title – MegaPush
Website –
Type of ad network – native advertising.
Verticals – adult, dating, finance, entertainment, weight loss, gambling, goods.
Formats – push notifications.
Payment Model – CPC.
Min balance – from $ 100 with a minimum cost-per-click – $ 0.001.
Methods of payment – internal transfer, through intercash and direct transfer (WMZ, Epayments, BTC).
Settlement currency is dollars.
Moderation – waiting 30 minutes for an uptime.
Referral program – 7%.

MegaPush appeared one of the first on the open spaces of the Runet, and almost immediately broke into the arbitration party with a new kind of advertising format!

Many did not immediately recognize the prospect of this direction, but over time, like mushrooms after the rain, plus cases began to emerge from Megapush plum, which stimulated more and more referees to pour with push! is the first push notification ad network. It provides access to a database of 120 million active users from all over the world. The total number of clicks is 12 million / daily. Push is equally well sent to users of both smartphones and PCs.

Register at

To register, you must fill out a short form –
After that, you find yourself on a platform where you can familiarize yourself with the network rules.
For all other questions, please contact support. Support is a contact and answers quickly enough.

 Launch New Campaign

Running into MegaPush is easy. The only thing you need to do is fill in the empty fields, and the campaign is ready to be sent for moderation.

A step-by-step instruction looks like this:

1. Go to the ‘New Campaign’ section, drive the data into the cells marked with an asterisk.
The audience can be targeted by:

  • GEO (all countries of the world);
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems
  • Devices
  • ISP
  • Ip range.

2. When choosing a creative, be sure to consider the requirements for image size (492 × 328) and icon (192 × 192).
If the push is on the topic ‘Adalt’, then the creative must certainly comply with the rules on inappropriate materials specified here.

3. offers detailed targeting. This affects the minimum and maximum bid per click, which are automatically calculated by the platform calculator.

4. After launch, the built-in tracker becomes available, which allows you to monitor the progress of realtime advertising. With its help, you can not only track the ratio of accumulated clicks and spent amount, but also analyze the number of leads for each campaign.


You can replenish the balance in the advertising network in many ways!

 Pros of

  • Large volumes of high quality traffic.
  • Extensive geography. Notifications can be sent to 197 countries.
  • 12 million clicks per day.
  • Clear instructions for launching (setting up a campaign will take only 10 minutes).
  • Fast moderation.
  • Collection of statistics on an advertising campaign in real time.
  • The cost per click starts at $ 0.001.
  • Referral – 7%.
  • Thanks to the direct delivery of push notifications to users, the purchase of bot traffic is excluded.
  • Responsive and competent support service.


Each coin has a flip side. There are not many shortcomings, and not everyone will find them significant, but nevertheless they must be noted:

  • The amount of traffic depends on the balance.
  • Support does not work around the clock.


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