MB8Coin Project Overview


Overview of the MB8Coin project – a single way of rewards in the loyalty system

MB8Coin will be used to pay for various services and not only with the help of the MB8 token, it will be possible to pay for goods and services around the world in various stores. Payment for goods and services will be completely safe and transparent. MB8Coin should become a modern reliable trading solution that will replace obsolete payment methods.

What is the difference between MB8 Coin

MB8 Coin will be used as the basis for the existing loyalty reward network. MB8 Coin will be the first cryptocurrency to be released, having proven experience in the real world, and will be accepted within the existing network of suppliers and retailers as a means of payment in whole or in part. Token MB8 Coin will become the basis of the reward system, which is already used as a “white label” by more than 2100 enterprises.

 Blockchain based system

It will allow you to optimize the scaling process and save on current costs. After more in-depth research and consultations, additional advantages of switching to a cryptocurrency token of promotion have been identified:

  • Thanks to participation in strengthening the network, you can receive 5% profit per year in the form of additional tokens.
  • MB8 tokens are distributed through ICOs to the public, new and existing business partners.
  • Inability to fraudulently issue or create additional MB8 promotional tokens.
  • Unlimited and instant transactions, ideal for the conditions of the modern international market.
  • Using the MB8 token in peer-to-peer transfer and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges will allow you to set its real price.
  • Attracting new customers to use the incentive platform, as well as attracting many new sellers, enterprises and places of recreation in this incentive network.

Multibuy launches MB8Coin token

Multibuy will issue the MB8 Coin token to significantly expand the already proven loyalty reward system and its global implementation through cryptocurrency. The initial stage of implementation will be the distribution of MB8 Coin tokens through an ICO sale, which serves as a way to replace the existing “means” of incentive systems with income-generating cryptocurrency sold on open cryptocurrency exchanges.

Modern solutions with MB8

Modern technologies are replacing the old ones and making it easier for a person to live; in recent years, blockchain technology has developed rapidly and cryptocurrencies are widely used as payment for goods and services. Around the world, more and more stores accept cryptocurrencies for payment, as they understand that the use of cryptocurrencies gives a great advantage compared to classic money for both buyers and sellers of goods and services. It is also worth noting that the existing loyalty system is not effective enough and needs to be changed. A suitable solution for the user reward system can be considered found since it became possible to introduce a single reward method in the loyalty system using MB8Coin.

Loyalty program

Multibuy company has been successfully operating for more than 10 years and is ready to improve the loyalty system thanks to the introduction of MB8Coin in its system, which should become a token that will be used in real world conditions and which will be received by buyers of various goods in real retail outlets that make payments using classic money . After receiving the token, people will be able to accumulate them and use them for full or partial payment for goods and services in various stores. To date, more than 2,000 companies have already joined the loyalty system and are ready to use the MB8 token. Thousands more companies are expected to join and will use the MB8 token in their loyalty system. Companies are very profitable to cooperate with MB8Coin, since they no longer need to build and promote their loyalty program, but they have the opportunity to use the ready-made MB8Coin solution. Convenience for customers who will receive MB8 tokens is very important, a mobile application has been specially created for them that will be convenient and easy to use.

Benefits of MB8Coin

For users of the MB8 token, a large number of features and benefits will be available. After the accumulation of MB8 tokens, they can pay for any product or service, and it will be possible to find out in advance using a mobile application which stores accept MB8Coin for payment, in the mobile application there will be a map of your city where you can see stores accepting MB8 tokens. It is expected that with the help of MB8Coin it will be possible to pay up to 70% of the cost of goods. Also, additional bonuses await those who will accumulate MB8 tokens, they will receive an additional 5% to their accumulated tokens. Also, MB8 tokens can be bought and sold on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, you can not only buy goods for accumulated tokens but also exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or sell them for classic money.

Project Team and ICO Details

From May 7 to August 31, an ICO will be held, during which 375 million MB8 tokens will be sold. Part of the proceeds during the ICO will be spent on developing the project and listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. The important thing is that a team of high-class specialists who will create a successful and sought-after product is working on the creation of the project.





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