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Activity of the company

Maya Group – is a public investment, where any investor, both experienced and novice, can acquire ownership of a company’s stake and earn dividends from these shares, about 10% of the company’s profit, which is distributed Between all investors daily.

The peculiarity of Maya Group is that this is not a fictional hype project, a real company, legally and officially registered, which makes real money on advertising services such as likesrock and postingblues.

The company’s team does not hide the fact that the goal is to promote the business of investors in the Maya Group’s own services, as the company specializes in the development and promotion of various online startups. The official Maya Group website is at the same time a convenient way to manage the three main services of the company:

  • LikesRock is an effective tool for earning and promoting social networks.
  • LandingJazz – is a constructor for creating landing pages landing (landing). PostingBlues is a convenient tool for posting content on social networks.

Maya Group was founded in early 2014 in the city of Bar, Montenegro. At the same time, the company calls its main specialization the development of integrated web services using the most modern solutions in the field of design and programming. In general, one can talk about the company’s activities for a very long time, since it is diverse and covers several areas at once. But we told the basic information, and now we propose to switch to methods of earning.

Marketing features

Each registered participant can purchase shares in the company and actually make a profit on these shares. The nominal value of the purchase and sale of one share of the company is 10 euros. At the end of each day, the organization’s net profit is calculated, and a tenth of this amount is distributed among all owners of the shares.

Ways of earning the company Maya Group:

  • Realization of banner advertising
  • Implementation of investment rates PostingBlues.
  • Implementation of LikesRock VIP packages.

You can sell shares on the exchange from 10.10 € to 20 € per share, i.e. More expensive than the nominal price no more than 2 times. And if you do not take profits during the year, and redeem shares of the company, then you can increase the size of the deposit at least twice. But is it safe? Indeed, much can happen in a year.

Maya Group payment systems: PayPal, VISA / MasterCard, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash and Yandex Money. The minimum amount for depositing funds is 1 euro. The withdrawal fee is 20%. The payment schedule is 5 business days, that is, payments are not made on weekends.

Reviews of Maya Group

Maya Group has a pleasant website with thoughtful design and good content, from which you can find out that LikesRock, Postingblues and LandingJazz are designed to promote the business by providing technical and advertising opportunities using their own products.

Summing up the review, we can say that Maya Group can be used in two cases: as an advertising and investment platform, where you can invest money and get a stable percentage of profit, or simply promote your business.

Since the activity here is real, the level of reliability for the company is high. This is confirmed by many positive reviews. Of course, there were some skeptics who do not trust all of the above. Well, we urge you to remember the risks in any situation. And with that, the Maya Group review came to an end.


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