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Lykke is a semi-decentralized trading platform with zero fees for all types of assets and financial instruments. The platform is based on blockchain technology. The LKK token is a coin, essentially representing a stake on the Lykke exchange.


Lykke Wallet is a central element of the project ecosystem. It is a financial asset trading platform available as a mobile application for Android or iOS.
The following features are available in Lykke Wallet:
  • Zero-commission digital asset trading
  • Secure storage of funds in a multi-signature wallet protected by a private key
  • Fast execution of transactions and withdrawal of funds
  • Real-time asset price tracking (forex, bitcoin, altcoins)
  • The possibility of microtransactions, etc.
Thus, LykkeWallet allows you to create a portfolio of various assets in one mobile application, connected directly to the Lykke Exchange. Its indisputable advantages are zero commissions when converting and withdrawing funds, as well as storing the history of all operations in the blockchain. You can top up your LykkeWallet balance with bitcoin, credit card or bank transfer.
“Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies created on its basis demonstrate clear superiority over fiat money. Similarly, fintech companies are developing more dynamically than large banks. Technologies should be developed in such a way that financial services benefit everyone, not just intermediaries, ”said Dekriot Zamboglu, Business Development Manager at Lykke.


The founder and CEO of the Lykke project is Richard Olsen. In 1996, he created OANDA, which currently serves more than 100,000 trading customers worldwide. He believes that if earlier, in order to become a participant in the financial market, it was necessary to have significant funds, now for this you only need an Internet connection.
Earlier, Richard Olsen expressed the opinion that the transparency of the blockchain makes the probability of fraud and unfair transactions extremely small, and the frequent association of bitcoin with gray schemes will become history in a few years.
Recall that Lykke became a member of the blockchain consortium Hyperledger. In addition, the project has applied for broker licenses in countries such as Cyprus, the UK, Switzerland, Japan and the United States.


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