Luno cryptocurrency exchange: review and reviews


Luno cryptocurrency exchange – an experienced team and revolutionary ideas

Luno is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platformer based in three locations: Cape Town, Singapore and London. The company has a global (and worthy of respect) idea – to revolutionize the currency system by introducing bitcoins into it. The idea is very simple – this will allow electronic money to free itself from any government and control over the course, and all users of the world, in turn, will be able to take advantage of the decentralized system.

Luno sharing features

The Luno team consists of only 40 people, each of whom is a resident of different countries and is considered an experienced specialist in various areas of the economy (for example: engineering, financing, programming). The composition of the company from such different founders actively brings diversification to the project and significantly increases the experience already accumulated. The main goal of this close-knit and small team is to increase the availability of bitcoins among ordinary users of the network.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that Luno has several very influential investors, such as Naspers, Digital Currency Group and Ventura. Thus, the company is empowered with fairly well-known enterprises in certain industries. The project works in two languages: English and Indonesian. An automatic translator from Google quite acceptable adapts this resource for Russian-speaking users, which allows you to work with the site without special or advanced language skills.

Financial platform

The user has several payment options for financing their accounts in different geographical regions. Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), bank transfers, electronic money transfer (EFT) and GIRO interbank payments (IBG) are some of the most used platforms on Luno for processing payments, transfers, buying and selling coins.

Luno Mobile App – Luno Bitcoin Wallet

In addition to the website, Luno has a mobile application, which makes working with cryptocurrency purchase technology even more convenient.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

Market analysis tools in this application have a pleasant appearance, ergonomic design and high functionality. The Luno Bitcoin wallet also uses features such as real-time costing of various cryptographic markets and charts for competitive pricing at different times. This allows even a not too experienced user to gain the necessary experience in cryptocurrency trading.

 Safety in Luno

Luno follows a strict security policy and constantly keeps up with modern advanced technologies that allow protecting the money of the user and the entire system as a whole.

All electronic currency is in a vault with deep freezing (i.e. without access to accounts from outside), which allows you to process any operation offline without using unsecured Internet channels.

The mobile wallet runs on multi-sig technology with secret keys that further protect money from cyber crimes and eliminate the risk of their volatility.

Some of the money can be stored in the hot wallets that BitGo takes care of. Bitgo also uses multi-sig technology to maintain these active wallets.

An interesting feature of the Luno exchange is that more than two parties are required to approve a transaction. Thus, the user manages the private key, and the public key with Bitgo. A hot wallet is mainly used for fast transactions, for example, for quick withdrawals.

Another security feature is two-factor authentication (2fa), which can be activated by the owner of the exchange account at any time. The user can download Google Authenticator on any portable or mobile device and scan the QR code of the Luno account. As soon as the account is synchronized, 2fa protection will begin to perform its immediate tasks and will be active continuously (in real time).

Thus, every time a trader enters a login, he will receive a 6-digit authentication code, which instantly goes to the registered mobile phone number (indicated in the personal account of the user account).

 We are registered on the exchange

To register a new account, go to the official website of the project, where after clicking the “Sign up” button, the system will offer to fill out a standard registration form: email ID, username, region of residence and password. The security code for entering the system must contain at least 8 characters with uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers.

There is also the option of logging in using Facebook and your Google Account account, as These networks have a very high level of security and recovery of stolen or lost data. A confirmation email is sent to the registered identifier of the mail service, which must be activated to complete the verification of the account and its full registration.

 Buy / sell or Luno trading

The user will need to fund the Luno account before they place any brokerage order on the site. Funds can be added to a personal account using various available payment options (most world services are supported). When a sufficient amount appears on the wallet, the trader can freely start working with transactions.

To buy and sell on Luno, a crypto activist is invited to choose the crypto market and the amount that he wants to invest. Only after that the order will be placed on the exchange. For the convenience of working with all available operations and timely analysis of current events in the world of coins, the user can use various market analysis tools or real-time prices for a specific cryptocurrency and a 24-hour trading volume.


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