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Lomba Group Activities

Lomba Group – a low-interest investment project, launched on March 24, 2019, provides an opportunity to take a loan secured by a cryptocurrency. The project also has many investment plans with a return of 0.48% to 0.9% per day for 365 days.

The official site of the Lomba Group, which you can view using this link – https://lomba-group.com, is pleasantly surprising. All information is described in an accessible language, even if you are going to read about investment projects for the first time, then after viewing the site you should not have any questions. Moreover, in the section ‘How it works’ everything is described in detail.

So, we continue our review of the Lomba Group further. The company has its own chat, in which there are already more than 300 people. Communication with the administration and technical support of the project is carried out through the mail. There is also a presentation and video clip on Youtube. From a technical point of view, we note the following:

  • Dedicated Server Coverddos;
  • Protection from Coverddos;
  • Lomba Group domain purchased until 2020;
  • Self-written script;
  • Original content
  • SSL certificate from GeoTrust;
  • Official registration in Australia.

Lomba Group Activities

According to official figures, the Lomba Group is engaged in the issuance of loans secured by cryptocurrency. As Cashbury and MFO Capital once issued loans, but both projects have not been fulfilling their obligations to investors and borrowers for a long time, so we can take a similar project, Moneta.gg, to replace these popular projects.

The official website lomba-group.com presents data where you can see statistics on the issuance of loans. Well, specifically, the company explains the project’s income by receiving commissions when issuing loans and the interest received for repaying them.

Marketing plan

Lomba Group provides an opportunity not only to quickly and easily take a loan, but also to invest existing funds to obtain passive income.

A loan of funds – an idea with a pledge of cryptocurrency at first glance may seem interesting. However, in order to take a deposit, the user will have to leave the cryptocurrency in the Lomba Group without any guarantees for its return. Further, with a minimum loan and terms, the commission will be 8.5% for 5 days. Yes, and what is the point to a person to take a guarantee from someone unclear if he already has a cryptocurrency? Alternatively, you can simply exchange cryptocurrency for the money familiar to most people.

Investment plans of Lomba Group – the investor can choose from 7 investment plans. Profitability of investment plans starts from 0.48% to 0.9% per day and depends on the amount of investment. All investments are calculated for a period of 365 days and in amounts from $ 10 to $ 15,000 with the body of the contribution to payments included. Charges to the Lomba Group occur daily. You can submit an application for withdrawal of funds at any time. The procedure for processing an application takes from 3 to 7 days, and you can submit the next application no earlier than 14 days.

The Lomba Group referral program is represented by a depth of 10 levels with the gradual opening of levels. There is also an office and career program with considerable bonuses for achieving ranks.

Lomba Group review results and project development prospects

Lomba Group – it may seem a somewhat controversial project, since the administration clearly took a lot of effort and money to create a website for the company, which means that the project will work at least until the costs of the Lomba Group Will be paid off. But on the other hand, the project’s marketing is not the most rational, since investors will have to wait a long time to go to breakeven (more than 160 days, depending on the chosen tariff plan) and that’s why recently the marketing of medium-interest hype seems more profitable, although there are risks In not an order of magnitude higher.

Lomba Group is still under development, so we will continue to monitor the project and keep you updated with all the news!

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