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Linkslot review: making money from banner advertising

Linkslot affiliate program allows you to earn money on banners and links. But she does not pay for clicks or impressions, but for the time of placement. By default, the rental period is 1 week, but the customer can remove the advertisement ahead of schedule.
The advantage of the exchange is that advertisers can search for sites directly on the site (more on this later). That is, the main thing for you is to set an attractive price, have good traffic and CTR (click through rate ratio). Then your ad slot will be bought more often.

Linkslot account overview

From one account, you can earn money and buy ads. That is, you do not need to register multiple profiles. My account is simple, just figure it out once and all.

On the right is the menu. There you can switch between the Webmaster and the Advertiser. Also here is a brief info on money: by day, category, how much is on the balance sheet and how much is earned.

Earn Banner Ads at Linkslot

To earn money in linkslot, you need to add an ad slot. To do this, click on the sites in the Cabinet, and then – Add a banner place. Then fill in all the fields: name, description, website address, subject, banner size, price per week and the number of sites for rotation. I advise you to write different attractive things in the description – such as a lot of clicks, an audience is solvent, get a lot of referrals…

Then click Create and you will get the code that you need to insert on your site.
If you want to add not a banner, but a block of links – then at the top switch to another mode.

Banners and links

Yes, in addition to banners, you can also add link blocks. Prices are lower there, but do not drop them. I also have a penny falling from them.

The settings there are similar, payment goes as long as there are places (for example, only 15 places – whoever is last, links are shown).

Order ads in linkslot

As I wrote above, right on the site you can order banner ads on other sites without visiting them. To do this, click on the top Buy ads, select filters, register your site and add a banner. If you just want to see the sites, add something.

Click statistics

By default, you pay per week of advertising. But if you did not like the site, you can refuse advertising. The site provides convenient click statistics (and CTR). You can also see the information on a specific purchase.

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