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LdMine – mining Dogecoin and Litecoin from 1.2% per day

LdMine is another cloud mining company. At the moment, the project has enormous technical potential, as it has developed and implemented its own equipment network.

Cloud mining service LdMine is a young company, but is developing rapidly. Many years of experience is missing, but the owners already know a new and progressive market that requires innovation. A young and talented service team is ready to develop and implement innovative tools from the point of view of technical for mining.

For the sake of informing you that the Cryptomic website checked the cloud mining service (or pseudo mining, it is not clear yet) LDmine for solvency and deduced the minimum amount from there, earned, by the way, without investments, purely on the bonus that is given for registration. Read more here.
At the moment, the LdMine service allows you to mine simultaneously 2 types of cryptocurrency at once: LiteCoin and DogeCoin.

The first LdMine office was opened in China. This choice was conscious: minimum logistics costs and cheap electricity. During this time, the company gained a very important experience for itself, which was further introduced to work in the second office – in Saudi Arabia. In the process, the company opened in Kuwait.

 Register at LdMine

The process is quick and easy. On the site, go to the ‘Registration’ tab. Then in a new window you will need to fill out a form, indicate your future username, email and password.
It is important to specify a valid email address, as it will receive a message with a password for confirmation.

 LdMine Welcome Bonus

Each new client of the company will receive for free 2 LD (Litecoin), which are currently equal to $ 2. This money can be invested in cloud mining. In fact, customers can start working in the LdMine service without investing their money in it.
Important: The minimum deposit at LdMine is $ 5.
Today, customers of the LdMine cloud mining service can invest in almost any of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payer, and so on.

How does LdMine cloud mining work

Your account has a very convenient and simple interface for work. It is enough to make your deposit, choose a cryptocurrency (allocate power for the extraction of coins), and the script will immediately begin to extract digital coins.

Coins are mined daily in a certain percentage.

  • Investment from $ 5 to $ 149. The client will receive 1.2% profit per day of the amount of invested funds;
  • Investment from $ 150 to $ 399. The client will receive 1.6% profit per day;
  • Investment from $ 400 to $ 999. The client will receive 2% profit per day;
  • Investment from $ 1000. The client will receive 3% profit per day.

All income is considered in cryptocurrency. For example, DogeCoin and LiteCoin can be mined simultaneously.

The higher the investment, the higher the earnings.

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