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Kucoin – cryptocurrency exchange

KuCoin is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange launched in September 2017.
The project team seeks to create a trading platform that stands out from the competition with its user orientation. For example, the exchange offers a profitable bonus program, as well as round-the-clock and operational support.
Often adds coins even before they appear on competing platforms. On the site you will find a list of cryptocurrencies preparing to be listed in the near future.
KuCoin Shares Tokens (KCS) allow you to trade on more favorable terms. A similar system is used on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. KCS tokens are a decentralized cryptocurrency issued on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 tokens).
KCS tokens can be bought directly on the KuCoin exchange. KCS holders take advantage of a number of benefits, such as fee revenue, reduced trading fees, and access to other special services.

KuCoin Features

Safe storage – KuCoin wallet includes several levels of encryption, offline storage, escrow service and passes regular bank checks.
Quick exchange and withdrawal – KuCoin declares that cryptocurrency assets arrive in customer accounts within 2 minutes, and withdrawal occurs within 10 minutes.
Stable service – KuCoin uses the “advanced multi-level and multi-cluster architecture” of the banking level, based on three data centers that can perform many tasks simultaneously.
High-performance engine – The KuCoin trading engine is capable of processing up to two million orders per second and up to one million other requests.
Support Service – KuCoin offers round-the-clock support on Telegram, WeChat and other platforms. Practice shows that they answer all questions very quickly, which most cryptocurrency exchanges today cannot boast of.
Many cryptocurrencies – KuCoin supports many cryptocurrency markets. The exchange compares favorably with the advanced server part, which allows it to add new cryptocurrencies in the shortest possible time.
KCS tokens – passive income – receive payments simply by storing KCS tokens in your account.
Mobile applications – KuCoin can also be accessed using mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Registration on the KuCoin exchange

Registration on the Kucoin exchange is not much different from the registration process on other exchanges and regular sites.

First of all, we go to the official website of the exchange kucoin.com, select Russian in the upper right corner, then click on the “Register” button there and fill in all fields on the page that opens (email and password twice ), and click the ‘Next’ button. On the page that opens, the system will immediately ask you to confirm the email address provided during registration (you need to click on the link in the letter that will immediately go to the email after registration, and it can often end up in the spam folder, so we’ll check it as well).

Note: immediately after registration, it is recommended to turn on account protection by enabling Google Authenticator in the settings, which will help protect your account from hacking, as well as replenish your account on the exchange and withdraw cryptocurrency.


How to fund your account, withdraw funds and trade on the KuCoin crypto exchange

After registering and entering your account on the KuCoin exchange, we go to the “Assets” section in the top menu and the page that opens displays the entire list of cryptocurrencies available on the exchange in the form of a table.

It’s quite simple to replenish your account in the selected cryptocurrency: we select the desired cryptocurrency in the table and click on the “Deposit” button in the line, after which the generated wallet will be displayed on the page that will need to be transferred to this cryptocurrency (after confirming the transfer to the network, Funds immediately go to your balance on the exchange).

In the same section, you can order and withdraw funds from your balance, only opposite the selected cryptocurrency you need to click the ‘Withdraw funds’ button and on the page that opens, carefully fill in all the necessary fields (withdraw amount, wallet to which tokens will be transferred, as well as a code from Google Authenticator for payment order). The same page displays the size of the commission when withdrawing from the KuCoin exchange.

To start trading (buying and selling cryptocurrency) on the Kucoin exchange, you need to go to the “Markets” tab in the top menu. On the page that opens, a table will be displayed in which you can select a cryptocurrency pair and immediately make a purchase or sale of coins (by clicking the Buy or Sell button opposite the selected pair). This is the easiest option for buying cryptocurrencies on exchanges for beginners, so it’s better to immediately go to the exchange’s trading terminal by clicking on the name of the cryptocurrency pair (for example, KCS / BTC) or on the chart icon on the right in the line with this pair, after which the main trading page of the exchange will open .

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange: features and benefits

Clients go to the exchange first of all for a wide selection of currency pairs – 398 today.

KuCoin is ahead of many other sites in terms of the speed of adding new ones, and with the development of KuCoin, Spotlight can take the first positions in the number of currency pairs. An advantage is the policy of forming new pairs: the demanded cryptocurrencies are placed with the newest. As a result, KuCoin often becomes one of the first exchanges that offers to buy recently appeared tokens that are of most interest to investors.

Attracting users and the selection policy of new cryptocurrencies. There are more than 100 of them in the list of traders – relatively few with so many pairs. Exchange executives explain this by trying to select the currencies most necessary for users, and removing hopeless and dubious ones from the list as soon as possible so as not to disorient customers. Now on KuCoin you can find all the top cryptocurrencies and tokens of more or less popular projects.

The exchange and democratic financial conditions provide popularity. The commission for trading operations is fixed – 0.1%, due to which KuCoin is one of the most profitable venues for new users and customers with a small trading volume. The exchange does not charge a fee for replenishing an account. The commission for withdrawing funds varies depending on the cryptocurrency, but often remains low, and some cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn for free.

Also among the advantages:

  • Multifunctional web terminal with charts from TradingView;
  • Optional verification, and non-verified users are not subject to significant restrictions;
  • Availability of official mobile applications;
  • Support for the Russian language (although not all parts of the site are translated);
  • Favorable conditions for investors KuCoin Shares;
  • Profitable referral program;
  • Fast responding tech support.
Security is ensured by a multi-level security system that meets the standards of virtual banking payment systems. Several levels of encryption are used, all financial transactions are confirmed on several independent subnodes, customer money is stored on “cold” servers. Gang claims KuCoin will pass the test of technical experts evaluating the reliability of payment and banking virtual systems without any problems. Also, the exchange introduced mandatory two-factor authentication, without which it is impossible to replenish the account.

 Prospects for KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

The main minus of KuCoin is the lack of fiat currencies. Even in the long term, they are not planned to be implemented – KuCoin will develop only as a cryptocurrency exchange. This, on the one hand, diverts a significant flow of potential customers from the site, and on the other hand, it suggests that the exchange will remain only partially legalized and will not establish additional restrictions for unverified users.

KuCoin does not have reputational losses associated with hacking, theft or unauthorized transfers. Gan has experience in the field of information security and pays a lot of attention to this issue. The main team and the management of the exchange practically does not change, so today there is no reason to talk about its unreliability.

Among the negative reviews, complaints about the slowdown of servers with a large influx of users were most often encountered. Most of these reviews are dated from the end of 2017 – the middle of 2018. After updating the functionality, the problems seem to have disappeared. KuCoin also regularly optimizes the software, which, according to the technical director Eric Don, allows you to quickly eliminate technical shortcomings and timely implement new developments in the field of cybersecurity and the speed of interactive platforms.

The price of KuCoin Shares over the past two months has risen from $ 0.3 to $ 1.7-2. The increase in the token exchange rate is associated with the launch of KuCoin Spotlight, but this is not the only factor and tokens have great potential, experts say. So, during the unsuccessful 2018 for the cryptosphere, KuCoin Shares rose to almost $ 4 due to the addition of new coins and currency pairs, as well as in connection with the modernization of the platform. The exchange is not going to stop work on the technical component or stop introducing promising pairs, which means that, in conjunction with the development of the platform for IEO, tokens have every chance to grow not by two, but by five to ten times.

In other words, now KuCoin is of interest to several categories of people.

These are simple crypto users who are looking for a convenient and reliable platform for trading rare cryptocurrency pairs. These are novice investors who can count on the growth of the exchange token. And these are experienced investors interested in the tokens that will appear on KuCoin Spotlight.

It is possible that in such circumstances, we will soon see KuCoin again in the tops of world crypto exchanges.

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