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Koromedia Affiliate Program Overview

The Koromedia affiliate program began work in 2013. To monetize traffic, all advertising formats are used with the intellectual selection of each issue. Location targeting – the whole world. Payment is made by PPC, PPM and PPV models. The minimum bid price for PPC is $ 0.01, for PPM is $ 0.06. The real tariff is formed by the auction system and for some keywords it can reach several dollars. Webmaster reward – 70% of the amount paid by the advertiser.

A feature of this software is that advertising for each viewing case occurs through an XML feed request. At the same time, the request parameters indicate information that allows you to select the most relevant offer.

Webmasters are given the opportunity to choose the appropriate advertising option from the following formats:

– photo context (advertising on images);
– pop-up and pop-under – advertising landing page opens in a separate window before or after page loading;
– click-under – opening ads in background tabs;
– search forms giving a very high conversion;
– direct links;
– flash, gif and jpg banners;
– videos;
– interstitial advertising, as well as many other formats.

There is a referral program with the payment of 5% of the income from the earnings of attracted webmasters. The link and relevant statistics are in the ‘Referrals’ section.

Note that the referral system is used not only for webmasters, but also for advertisers. In the second case, 10% of the advertiser’s expenses are paid.

How to start making money with the Koromedia affiliate program

For registration you will need: full address information, phone number, link to the site from which you plan to receive traffic.
Working requests for promotional materials are executed by sending a request for an XML feed.

Note that the easiest way is to form such a link on the server using PHP.
In the link, instead of the placeholders ‘% s’, the following parameters should be passed:
– aff – internal webmaster ID;
– saff – additional subID, if used (to create separately monitored threads);
– ip – IP address of the surfer;
– q – a search query for which it is necessary to select an advertising issue. Note that it must be encoded using the urlencode function;
– ua – browser user-agent;
– ref – full post-back link. That is, the address where the advertisement will be placed.

Depending on the selected format of work, the response XML-output will be different. To use it (parsing), you can use both the internal capabilities of some CMS and implement independent analysis in PHP.

It is noteworthy that in addition to advertising, the feed conveys the cost of the bid. This means that the calculation of earnings for PPC, PPM and PPV models can be implemented immediately on the site. And also use the data ‘request-price bid’ to optimize the work.

There is a test period in this software during which the quality of the new user’s traffic is checked. Its duration is from 2 hours to a day.

In general, the steps to get started at Koromedia are:

1. After the end of the test period, it is necessary to coordinate the format of advertising with the manager.
2. Get a sample of issuance.
3. Set up the parser.
4. Configure the landing page template to use XML output materials.

No additional activation is required to get started. Transitions, clicks and earnings are displayed on the main page of your personal account in the statistics table.


Financial accounting in Koromedia is in US dollars. The schedule of payments is arbitrary – any day by prior request from the user. The minimum amount required for withdrawal is $ 50. The following payment systems are used for payments: WebMoney (WMZ), PayPal, Wire, EPESE. Please note that before submitting a request for payment, it is necessary to select the appropriate payment system in the ‘Information’ section.

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