Kikohash cloud mining: a detailed analysis of the resource


Kikohash – cryptocurrency earning resource

Kikohash has been providing facilities for the extraction of various digital cash. He is not tied to any particular type of coins and miners what now brings the greatest income. In addition, the service allows you to pick up purchased equipment after the expiration of the contract. Naturally, only if you have contributed a fairly significant amount.

The Kikohash resource was launched on the basis of the platform in the summer of 2016. However, in the spring of 2017, Dolevik ceased to exist, and the site was forced to move to its own site. Among the features of the project that distinguish it favorably against similar services, the first thing that stands out is that the video cards purchased by users for cryptocurrency mining are transferred to their property and returned after the end of the contract. It is also worth noting the complete openness of the mining process.

What else does Kikohash offer

  1. Adequate cost. The price of equipment is identical to that in large chain stores, respectively, with the collapse of the digital currency market and mining, you will not lose anything. It should be understood that the total cost includes the price of the case, power supply, processor, motherboard and other necessary equipment. The final cost is significantly less than most sites that lease capacity.
  2. Open data. In its work, the service adheres to a policy of honesty and openness. You can easily control all stages of the project.
  3.  Guaranteed reliability. The site maintenance company is an officially registered legal entity. At the request of the client, a letter can be provided with obligations regarding the return of equipment, and in addition, scanned documents that confirm the registration of Kikohash and its legal status.
  4. Data center in Iceland. The equipment is located in the data center level Tier III. It provides the necessary climate, power and cooling for all systems.

Important! In support of the reality of the project, you can go on a tour and see for yourself the existence of farms. The organization of the whole process is undertaken by the site administration. The costs, including the cost of the road and accommodation, are borne by the client.

For the entire time the Kikohash site has been operating, there have not been a single complaint about the timeliness of payments or providing access to information. The company really conducts business as openly and honestly as possible.

Principle of operation

Farms with video cards perform calculations, the results of which are sent to the pool. Further, the earned coins are distributed among users.

Compared to other cloud mining sites, the work of this project is completely transparent. You can always see information about the equipment, its components, and the distribution method of the received cryptocurrency. In the ‘Statistics’ tab every day data on mined coins, and further rewards of users who buy power are updated. The reward amount is proportional to the number of cards purchased by the client. Checking information is very easy, since from the very beginning operations are carried out in a spreadsheet and are calculated using open formulas.

Earned cash is stored (of course, confidential address keys) on the Trezor Bitcoin wallet hardware account. This is the safest and most reliable place to place current settlements. In the case of payment of the mine funds to the user, they are transferred to the address indicated by him.

 If you decide to work on the Kikohash service, you must:

  • Register an account.
  • Top up the balance with one of the available methods.
  • In the “Portfolio” tab, select the contract you are interested in and pay for it.

Note! If you purchase more than 6 graphic cards, you will have the opportunity to transfer them for the extraction of digital currency to your own pool. However, in the case of small volumes of equipment, you should not do this, because due to the lack of safety cards, the uptime guarantee ceases to apply.

Site Profitability

To date, the value of the currency that Kikohash mined has increased significantly, which means that the profitability of the project has also increased and exceeds 150% per annum. However, profitability is constantly changing, directly depending on the current rate of a particular electronic cash.

In general, the service is a reliable and proven cloud mining. In addition, it is possible to return the purchased equipment after the termination of the contract, which is extremely rare among similar resources. Therefore, Kikohash definitely deserves your attention.

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