Kaspersky Lab: the number of miner viruses has increased


1-353-600x337 Kaspersky Lab: the number of virus miners has increased

While due to the strong drop in cryptocurrency rates, mining of many coins becomes unprofitable, the number of miner viruses is only increasing.

At the same time, there has been a decrease in the total number of DDoS attacks, as experts believe this is due to the reprofiling of botnets from DDoS attacks on cryptocurrency mining.

Most viruses, inconspicuously for users, reconfigure computer processor usage, highlighting a small flow power for hidden mining. At the same time, the user himself does not even notice a decrease in processor power. After all, if hidden mining is noticeable, the user will delete the malicious content.

One of the reasons for such a proliferation of miner viruses is the weak legislative framework for pirated content. Users download pirated programs and become victims of viruses.

The smallest damage of this kind of viruses was caused to US users, the number of which amounted to 1.33% of the total, followed by users in Switzerland and the UK. The list is headed by countries with “weak piracy laws,” such as Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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