Kaspersky Lab: cryptocurrencies worth $ 2.3 million stolen for the second quarter of 2018


1-223-600x337 Kaspersky Lab: for the second quarter of 2018, cryptocurrencies worth $ 2.3 million were stolen

Cryptocurrency security still causes big problems. It is not enough to have cryptocurrencies, they should still be tried to save. Wallets are being hacked, exchanges are also hacking, as well as stealing money from ICOs.

Most hacks occur on the Ethereum network. This is due to the fact that the Ethereum network has a large number of ICOs that attract investors' money. And where there is money, there are always hackers who want to get it. Problem of many ICO is also a vulnerability of smart contracts. But most of all theft and loss of funds associated with the use of phishing sites.

Kaspersky Lab experts are constantly blocking phishing sites, but this is an ongoing process and new ones appear. Sometimes hackers crack ICO sites and install phishing programs on them that steal data. Hackers also often advertise their phishing sites. People follow the link with ads, and a phishing site steals their data.

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