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Juicyads.com review

JuicyAds.com ad network was founded in 2006. Works with adult traffic. Currently includes more than 178,000 affiliate sites and 95,000 customers. A daily offer to advertisers – over a billion impressions per day.

There are no restrictions on GEO, the sale and purchase of traffic occurs around the world.
Supported ad formats:

– pop-under;
– redirect (for mobile traffic);
– banners.

Payment schemes – CPM, CPC and ‘Flate rate’. The latter payment format means that the ad space is rented for a specified period at a fixed rate.

The average CPM level for banners is $ 1.5 – $ 2.0.

Note that recently, a new section has appeared in JuicyAds.com – “Offers”, in which traffic can be monetized by the CPA model, using product descriptions as landing pages.

There is a referral program, under which deductions to a partner make up 20% of the partner payments to attracted webmasters. Link to the section with referral links and creatives is located in the lower section of the site.

How to buy traffic in the JuicyAds.com ad network

Start working with JuicyAds (regardless of the mode of cooperation) should be with account verification (section ‘My Account’).
Verification is performed in the form of a call to the phone number specified during registration.

The four digits of the verification code in this case are transmitted as a voice message in English.
Traffic is sold in the ‘By Ads-Marketplace’ section.

There are two modes for creating an advertising campaign:
– for the entire network (RON);
– or for specific sites.

Given that there are tens of thousands of sites in the service database, we recommend using the filter located in the left sector of the section to search for suitable sites.

Search results are reflected in the main table of the ‘Marketplace’ section.
Clicking on the link ‘View site profile’ will open a detailed description of all available advertising areas and prices.
Please note that in some cases a zone of a certain format may be redeemed before a certain period.

How to start making money with the JuicyAds.com service affiliate program

Connecting an advertising platform and generating affiliate code are performed in the following sequence:
– in the ‘Sell Ads’ section, click on the ‘Add Website’ button;
– thematic categories are defined;
– an affiliate code of the required format is generated.


Balance replenishment and withdrawal of partner earnings in JuicyAds is carried out through one list of payment systems:
– PayPal;
– Paxum;
– Payza;
– bank cards.

The payment minimum also coincides – $ 50 (minimum deposit and minimum payment).
The basic balance replenishment option is activated in the ‘Load Account’ section (available only after verification of the account).
An additional option is to credit a payment through the Hiribi.com system. In this case, the replenishment amount will be increased by 10%.
Registration of payment information is carried out in the ‘Account Settings’ section.

Request for withdrawal is made out in the ‘Payment Request’ section.
Frequency of payments – no schedule, on request.


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