Is it possible to earn with the help of pumps on YoBit


Pamp: a tool for enriching or ruining traders

First, let’s figure out the pump – what is it? For clarity, we decided to explain this phenomenon by example.
Imagine aunt Dasha from Zazhopinsk who sold a house inherited in the village and decided to exchange money for dollars.
And in the country there is a crisis – the dollar is growing at an incredible pace, a week ago it was worth 50 rubles, yesterday the price exceeded 80 rubles.
And then our aunt Dasha, having decided that – here he is, a chance to become a millionaire, went to the local market and exchanged her money for dollars at the current rate of 92 rubles.
Mentally, Daria had already bought a villa in Nice and a private helicopter, hoping that with such an increase, the dollar would cost at least 2 times higher than now.
But here’s the problem – having reached the mark of 95 rubles, the dollar rapidly began to fall. And already in 3-4 days I reached 55 rubles, on which his growth stopped. Together with him, the aunt of Dasha’s accumulation also melted, almost halving.
Yes guys, that’s how the pump works. First there follows a frantic growth in just a couple of days, hours, and then a no less sharp decline to about the same level where the movement began.

How to recognize a pump

Remember, a pump can never be called by one person (unless, of course, he is Bill Gates). That is, for such a movement considerable funds are needed.

Let’s look at what signs to determine a pump

  • Gossip. If everyone insists you that Monero should increase in price by at least 3 times, that coin developers signed a contract with the 101st financial company, that even Microsoft bought XMR, and so on – you know, somewhere on the horizon, a pump has begun to glimpse. Before him, rumors are always being made in society, news is being written, from the favorable side covering the necessary cryptocurrency. Why is this done? So that potential hamsters appreciate the attractiveness of the currency, and begin to invest in it.
  • Growth ratio. Sometimes a pump can be easily recognized by the ratio of growth. For example, to XMR on the exchange there are 3 pairs: USD / EUR / BTC. In relation to the euro and the dollar, the Monero cryptocurrency suddenly began to grow, while in relation to Bitcoin it remained in place (although BTC also costs in place). Conclusion? Pump, and only pump. Creating artificial demand.
  • Classic – fast growth. If you went to bed yesterday at a rate of 210 USD to 1 XMR, and woke up at a rate of 400 dollars for 1 XMR – do not rush to sell your grandmother’s cottage in exchange for Monero tokens. This is falsification, not a single coin in vivo can grow like that.

The most developed and practiced pumps on Yobit. This is a well-known exchange that accepts even the most common coins into its ranks. That is why it is attractive to miners, because most of them mine not the popular Ethereum, but unknown ones, only coins released, hoping in the future to make a fortune on them.

Why diapers prefer Yobit

There are a number of reasons why diapers prefer the Yobit exchange.

No lock

By the way, this situation is not only on Cryptopia, but also on most other exchanges. As a rule, with a significant increase in a certain cryptocurrency, the output is immediately blocked, and users simply can not withdraw earned funds from it.

But not on Yobit! It is on this exchange that the pump thrives in lush color, and no one stops him.

The incredible growth of cryptocurrencies during the pamp period

Yes, and such a situation is not an accident. On the Yobit exchange, you can easily raise cryptocurrency thousands of times in just a few hours.

 Bot for pump Yobit

On the exchange there is the opportunity to start a personal bot that will do part of the work for you. In particular, it has a built-in Yobit pump detector, respectively, it will be able to trade independently, with certain settings.

Installing such a bot on other exchanges is a problem, as a rule, the administration immediately blocks the account without a refund.

Yobit Pump Signals

Most pomp communities prefer to operate within the framework of the Yobit exchange, since it is possible to easily pump up the lowest-acquired cryptocurrencies on it.

How is this done?

  1. On the channels (mainly via Telegram), pump-communities are created.
  2. At certain times, participants agree on the purchase of a particular currency.
  3. After the first wave, the participants observe the situation and decide when there will be a drain. Drainage is carried out exactly at the appointed time.
  4. Then the course begins to fall sharply, but the participants have nothing to worry about, because they merged the currency in the forefront.

Who suffers as a result of the actions of the pump channels Telegram on Yobit? True, hamsters always remain in the red. That is, people who, not knowing the real situation, begin to purchase cryptocurrency on highs.

Then they have only 2 options left

  1. Merge coins at a price below cost.
  2. Turn investments into long-term investments and wait for profit.

You understand that such a long term can take a year or more.


In conclusion, I want to advise – do not be hamsters. If you see sudden growth – appreciate when it began. If the cryptocurrency has already risen 4 times in 2-3 hours, you should not invest in it.

But! If the cryptocurrency has just begun to grow, and is about to make a double rise – invest. And preferably, immediately place an order. It is better to work out a clear strategy in advance than to wait for the weather by the sea, and then drain the coins at a price 2 times lower than the prime cost.


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