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Interest in hype

In the field of HYIP investments, such a division of HYIPs by the percentage of profitability is usually practiced, but in addition to the percentage itself, HYIPs also differ in the accrual schemes of these same percentages, which often turn out to be very modest high percentages indicated on the site.

So, for example, for highly profitable HYIPs, interest is accrued at the end of the deposit term specified in the tariff plan. Often you can meet the popular tariff plan “105% per day”, which implies a 5% return + deposit return, that is, investing, for example, $ 20, the next day you will have $ 21 in your hype account.

Quite often there are schemes with daily accruals for a period. For example, if the tariff is “45% per day for three days”, and the deposit is the same $ 20, then you will receive $ 9 for 3 days, and in total you will receive 9 x 3 \u003d $ 27, that is, you will return your $ 20 and Get $ 7 in net profit, not $ 47, as many people think when they see huge interest.

This is another fraudulent trick, so it is very important to study the conditions and payment scheme before the deposit, and not be carried out in large numbers.

Remember that in fasts, almost always with a return of more than 100%, 100% is allocated to the return of your own funds, and the net yield is only that from above.

Another point that is especially characteristic of fasts is a large line of tariff plans, among which there are almost always plans that attract a huge percentage, provided that there is a large contribution for a long period, for example, “150% for 3,000 month deposit from 3 months” tariffs are a guarantee that That hype will work less than 3 months from the first such deposit, and for the investor it is a tariff plan for guaranteed loss of money.

If HYIP allows someone to earn money, then these are only investors of one or two of the “cheapest”, low-interest and short-term tariffs, it’s worthwhile to focus on them if you want to not only invest, but also get your money back.

Moreover, experienced hype investors are not close to hyps that offer more than 8% of net profit per day (and we remember the schemes where the percentage of the initial deposit returns are included). Such hype play on human greed and are created only with the aim of quickly replenishing their own wallet at the expense of avid and inexperienced depositors. More than 90% of such projects do not pay.

You can meet yet another trick, which is especially common in ultra-profitable projects, this is a commission removed by a hype when withdrawing funds. So having bought at the rate of “125% per day” and expecting that having invested $ 100, you will withdraw $ 225 tomorrow, you will not only get $ 125 into your account, but you will also run into a commission, for example, at 10%, that is 12, $ 5, after which you can actually withdraw only $ 112.5. So the magic of HYIP turned the promised 125% profit into 12.5% ​​real, if, of course, you can still withdraw, although the presence of a commission is usually a sign that HYIP plans to pay.

Average interest-bearing hypes are usually characterized by the following payout scheme: daily interest starts, but the deposit body is returned only at the end of the term specified in the selected tariff plan or in the conditions of the deposit. So, with a contribution of $ 20 to a project that promises 0.5% per day for a contribution of 14 days, you will receive $ 1 every day for two weeks, which you can even withdraw immediately, but the deposit body, that is, your $ 20 you You can withdraw only after 14 days.

Such a scheme is called principal back or principal returned.

Note regarding interest payments every day: carefully read the conditions, it may not include holidays, so 14 days can turn into 10 days of payments and 4 days of downtime, or the “10 days” tariff can actually turn out to be “10 workers” Days ”, that is 14 real days.

Mid-income projects almost always require investments for a long period, not allowing withdrawal in 1-2 days. The reasons, I hope, are clear to you.

The return of the deposit body, in contrast to highly profitable highs, is more typical for medium-income ones, but it also happens that the body is paid with interest, as in the above example with fasts. For example, the “4% / day for 30 days” tariff means that you will be paid 120% (4 * 30 \u003d 120) of the deposit, divided into 30 equal parts. That is, 25 days your invested money will be returned to you, and another 5 days net profit.

The 25 days indicated in the example above are called the “breakeven” level, that is, the state when you have already returned the invested money and now only receive income. After breakeven, you risk nothing and can relax a bit.

For HYIPs with a low and medium interest, you can find a compounding scheme or automatic reinvestment (investing with a compound interest), that is, the profit for each next period is not credited from the deposit body, but from the entire amount accumulated for this period. So, for example, if you invested $ 100 at 1% for 10 days in a HYIP with a simple scheme, then every day you will be charged 1 $ profit. In the case of compound interest, on the first day you will receive $ 1, and on the second day, 1% will no longer be considered from $ 100, but from $ 101, that is, $ 1.01 and so on.

This scheme has a rather big advantage for the investor if he invests large sums or for a long term, as he increases the overall profitability, but where the profitability is higher, the risks are higher, you should not forget about this.

For some hypes, reinvestment is optional. Experienced HYIP investors try to withdraw the received profit immediately and allow themselves compounding only after going to breakeven.

Another trick of many is the internal currency, the value of which is several times different from the real one. That is, you make deposits not in dollars / rubles / euros, etc., but you buy, for example, diamonds, stocks, Mavrodollars, candy wrappers, points, and so on. The trick here is that you cost them more than one to one and it’s more difficult for you to keep track of how much you really earned. For example, you invested $ 10, and after a couple of days you have 101,000 tugriks on your account, which at withdrawal will be equal to only $ 10.1. Or vice versa, you are offered to buy some diamonds, they draw beautiful pictures, you imagine stones shimmering in the light, the cost of each of which you see is prohibitive after watching the next film “Scam in … nsky”, this brilliance overshadows your consciousness and you strive for emotions Invest even more.

If you briefly summarize the information in this chapter, you should always study the terms of payments in detail and make calculations of how much real money you will receive after withdrawing, this amount will almost always be less than the stated beautiful huge figure on the main page of the site. All calculations are made only according to the minimum tariff plan and, if you still decide to invest, then invest in it. Do not use automatic reinvestment before breaking even and withdraw all available funds immediately after accrual.

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