Independent Reserve cryptocurrency exchange review and reviews


Independent Reserve reviews and reviews of the official site

Independent Reserve is a cryptocurrency asset buying and selling exchange that supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin in pairs with USD, AUD and NZD. Independent Reserve is a registered Australian digital currency company, and is also a member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA). Independent Reserve technology is based on their own Airmarshal platform, which provides a secure, reliable and scalable system for online trading. Independent Reserve also provides the Airbridge API for integration with internal services.

The exchange was founded in 2018 in Australia, the site is available in English. When you enter the site, Captcha welcomes you to avoid getting robots. On the main page of the exchange we are told about new dealers, who they are, what their exchange represents, how it works, and what currencies the site works with.

The main screen explains how to register, confirm your identity for transactions and operations, how to fund your account, how to buy or sell cryptocurrency. On this site they offer to download a book in electronic format for free about cryptocurrency, its creation, etc. The schedule, course, and history of trading on the exchange are on the main page. Below the site there is a video presentation of the exchange from the chairman of the Advisory Board, Michael Goes, it provides all the information about the exchange, the process of work, bidding, registration.

Minimum deposit: $ 5, the minimum transaction amount is $ 5, the currency of the trading account that this exchange works with: ‘USD’ ‘XBT’ ‘ETH’ ‘BCH’ ‘AUD’ ‘NZD’.
Commissions: the commission for withdrawing funds varies from 0.1 to 0.5%, the commission for depositing funds varies from 0.1 to 0.5%, the commission for the transaction is 0.1%, which is very pleasing.
Maximum withdrawal period: 3 days.

Registration on the exchange

Registration on the Independent Reserve exchange is simple and fast, which is a very big plus, we will tell in more detail:

  • We go to the exchange, scroll to the bottom of the site and see the button to create an account;
  • Next we see that we are asked to create a username i.e. How you will be seen by other users of the exchange (your Nickname) we invent and write;
  • We create a password for the account on the exchanges, enter it, and also confirm;
  • We see the referral code sub-item below, it is needed so that if you were invited to this trading platform (another exchange user), he would receive a certain percentage of your transaction on the exchange as a referral;
  • We press the button to create an account, then we will see the continuation of the registration of your account, enter in the fields: First name – your first name, Last name – your last name, your date of birth, zip code for your place of residence, and select the actual country of residence;
  • Next, enter our email address with you (it is needed to link your account on the exchange to confirm transactions and operations);
  • After that we receive an incoming letter to our e-mail, click on the links and we return to the registration stage, we are offered to pass double authentication (2FA), for the security of your account, then click the button to verify the authenticity, and our account is ready with you.

 Independent Reserve Exchange Sections

  • News: main events about cryptocurrency and the site;
  • OTC: section for users in Australia and New Zealand, this is a premium service for institutional clients to carry out a large transaction volume;
  • Marketplace: all cryptocurrency trading, recent transactions on the exchange, trading history, cryptocurrency schedule and rate;
  • Trade: purchase / sale of cryptocurrency, transaction history;
  • Accounts: Fresh exchanger rate;
  • Settings: entering and changing information about your account;
  • Support: in the section you can ask a question, indicate a problem to the support service, see all requests to the support service;
  • Help: everything about cryptocurrency, what is Bitcoin, what is Ethereum, the principle of trading, withdrawal and deposit of funds, site rules, system security, etc.

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